Alex Rigopoulos in "25 People Reshaping the Game Business"

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Alex Rigopoulos is included in Develop Magazine's recent list of 25 people who are reshaping the gaming industry. It's a pretty nice read with the likes of Satoru Iwata, Kim Swift, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and John Carmack also present on the list. Below is the section on Alex and click HERE for the full article. [Do note, there is a link at the top of the article if you are interested to read the background and methodology to the list.]

Congrats on making the list Alex!! *thumbs up*

Alex Rigopoulos
An MIT graduate, Rigopoulos and fellow classmate Eran Egozy teamed up in 1995 to mix business with their pleasure (music) and technical skills. The studio’s early cult hits Frequency and Amplitude were really just the sound of the orchestra warming up. His studio’s next salvo, Guitar Hero was then the opening act, creating for eventual owner Activision (which acquired GH publisher Red Octane) a $1bn franchise. Selling out to MTV at the breakthrough act point was a shrewd move. Milking the new management’s music industry contacts and forging a distribution deal with EA has demonstrated a huge stroke of smart independent studio business thinking and an enviable DLC model.


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