Thank You Harmonix for H.M.V.R.

hankmallonhankmallon Opening Act
Harmonic Music VR is everything I wanted it to be on the PSVR. Disregard all reviews, its an interactive music app more than it is a game. If you love music, psychedelic visuals, and painting beats in virtual space... my god, thank you Harmonix. I just wanted to give you the kudos you deserve, making my intoxicated vacation time worth while.


  • I really want to get it when I get a PSVR. I haven't ready any reviews as I don't tend to but have people really been expecting it to be a game rather than a series of visualisers?

    As a series of immersive, semi-interactive visualisers to chill out to whilst listening to your music, would you say it succeeds? Thats pretty much what I expected and wanted from it.
  • hankmallonhankmallon Opening Act
    Yes, on the visualizer front it's AAA
  • Thanks for the kind words. <3

    When you say painting beats ... did you actually <a href="">paint a beat? :D ;)
  • defjukiedefjukie Opening Act
    I hope this title keeps getting support in the form of new visualizations in trip and beach and new brushes/tools for easel mode.
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