Rock Band Rivals PRO-drums lefty mode Red Cymbal + Green Pad glitch

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Hello. I try to play Pro Drums in lefty mode. I have MadCatz Rock Band 4 drum set for PlayStation 4. When I turn lefty mode on it seems that green cymbal becomes red cymbal. The problem is when I hit the red cymbal and the green pad at the same time it does not register green pad hits sometimes (about 70% of times). It makes PRO-drumming completely unplayable, I cannot get Full Combo even on Warmup songs because of that. Is there something that I could do? I guess that it is firmware problem.


  • I have had this problem as well. I just got my PDP adapter and I wanted to play PRO Drums so bad but I cannot FC songs needed in rivals that have a Red Cymbal+Green pad. I do hope we do get a fix for this soon. =(
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    Well, it actually seems to be rivals update glitch. A lot of people on Reddit claim that they having she similar issue, which started to happen with any PRO-kit (even Beatles) after first Rivals update. Harmonix is aware about this. So everything we can do now is just sit still and pray that December update will fix it. This glitch is also causing some rare Blue Pad overhits when hitting Foot Pedal and Blue Pad.
  • Good to know it's not my drum set. I've had the same issue with blue+bass as well i was thinking my cymbals died out on me and was planning to get a new set of them. All we can do is hope and pray as lefty drummers. >.<
  • Excellent. I was having the same problem with Red cymbal and green pad drops on lefty mode. Thought I was going insane... Glad to find this thread and see that isn't the case. Hoping the December update fixes it indeed! Until then... Back to rockband 3 :/
  • So, December update is out and it did not fix our problem. But I found a little hack to ease my pain: if you hit green pad a little earlier than red cymbal, it will work fine. I got Full Combo on "Free Falling" that way.
  • Man, how was this problem not fixed? I know lefty drummers are a bit of a niche but this is a MAJOR bug.
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