Rock Blog 05/17/07

edited November 2007 in Announcements
Rock Blog moves over to the Announcement forum. Why? To keep you on your toes! Also it is easier to find in here than it is in the gushing stream of speculation, requests, and questions that is the Rock Band forum section. So what do we have today? Not much, just probably the best stuff you will read on the internet all day (it's a slow day out there on the web.) First up we have Warburg with Weather and Sports. He is kind of the jock around here, but in a strange twist of fate all of us nerds give him wedgies and swirlies. Who's tough now? Right after that we have the brilliant QA team who has a mission to test everything on Earth for functionality. Today they test out My Pet Monster - and learn a valuable lesson about life, love, themselves, and why if you tempt the beast you may actually get the horns.




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