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Hi everybody.

I just signed up here to get a couple of things of my chest. Normally i am not the type of person who is crying about stuff i don't like in forums but i had to make an exception because its really important to me. Its going to be a pretty substantial post... so hopefully somebody has the patience to stick around till the end. If not... at least i tried ;-)

First a few things about myself so everybody understands where i am coming from. I am 33 years old and have been gaming since the Sega Master System. So i pretty much know what i am buying when it comes to games... i would say i am a pretty informed customer... at least i think so. Therefore i knew about the mixed reviews about HMVR... but i didn't care... because another hobby besides Games for me is painting. I am not even that much into music (besides listening to it from time to time ;-)) but very much so into art. When i first saw Googles Tiltbrush beeing used with a Vive is was totally in love with it. But still couldn't justify paying 2000 bucks for a new PC + Vive.

Now i bought a PS VR and as soon i heard about The Easel in HMVR i got excited. I didn't even care about the rest of the package (no offense to the talented people who made the other three) i just bought it for The Easel. And even though its very barebones its absolutly amazing. Yes... most of the "brushs" are weird music things i totally can't use to paint something "normal" but still... It gets my creative brain going. And i love it for that.... but then there are quit a few things that make me hate it.

I do realize its kinda stupid to come to a forum and just make demands on what i want... or at least i don't have to expect anyone to get right on it because i am not a 100% happy with my purchase. But i can make some suggestions and hope that some things will be considered. So here i go:

1.) When the playlist comes to an end you get kicked out to the menue and your art is gone? VERY Frustrating.

2.) Fixed 1. with adding many many songs to the playlist so i could paint for a longer time. But still... after every song it fades to black and you have to wait until you can continue to draw... sorry but i just don't get it... its has nothing to load except the next song.

3.) The first painting i made was immediatly something big... 289 strokes to be excact. I pretty much expected a message that tells me that i exceeded the maximum number of strokes. But instead i just got an error message while saving. Now when i try to load this save file i just get stuck on a black screen... or should i say a black void? I pretty much "wasted" a few hours painting something in 3D i can never see again. Very frustrating to say the least. I guess pretty much my own fault because i overwrote my savefile (which i learned a long time i shouldn't do... but oh well. I just didn't expect to run into problems this fast). Is there any way to fix it? Probably not... but at least i asked.

4.) Please just add a few basic brushs and maybe the option to change the size of them. Let people start the easel with or without music and don't kick them out when the playlist comes to an end.

5.) If those 289 strokes have been to much for the ps4 to handle add a counter and just cap the number of strokes at whatever level its still save to ... save.

Its a fun little "game"... and even though i already had quite a few problems i DID NOT regret my purchase. Maybe others around here agree with some things i said and maybe there will be a patch that fixes a few things mentioned above.

Keep up the good work and if somebody made it this far... THANK YOU for your time.


  • Waste of time... at least i tried.
  • I have recently bought this game, for the main reason of seeing it had an "easel" which allowed to draw in 3D,
    I like the OP's suggestions and have some of my own.

    1. I am hoping that there will be future brushes/lines added i'd be happy to pay for extra brush packs etc if they had a decent enough selection., also the adding brush size options like OP mentions.
    2. Object Creator, if there was way we could create some objects for use later would be nice.
    3. if was able to go online either to publish creations/download creations or join friends to draw things would be awesome.
    4. Like OP mentioned, when playlist ends you should be given option to save what you have created, by default it should be on new save, not last save.

    I too am happy with the game, but more brushes, online experiences, more customisation etc definitely make it a long term playable game.

    But All in all great work so far, many games I've bought so far are feeling to much like demo experiences.
    This game will definitely have me coming back, especially if there is more added to the easel =).

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    TBH i find Harmonix Music VRa bit pointless and not very good BUT Easel COULD be Huge... drop Everything but EASEL ! that's where you guys should be focussing all your efforts !
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