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  • Would that mangaka happen to be Hidenori Kusaka, and would the manga happen to be Pokemon Special?
  • @JimmyLethal Thank you for giving me my 500th Like. :)

    But to answer your question: No, it ain't Hidenori Kusaka. The mangaka's series started in 1994, which was before the Pokémon franchise made it's debut to the world, and it's still going. The anime based on his series is currently in it's 27th Season in Japan.

    I'll give you a hint on the manga's main protagonist: A teenage high school detective who was turned into little boy by a mysterious drug developed by a criminal organization with two men in black that he met at a amusement park, and helps a washed-up detective solve nearly impossible crimes with gadgets.
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    "Them Bones" comparison

    You got extremely close to Harmonix this time, with no radical differences, so good job! The only instrument you differed on was bass (being one dot off), and everything else was spot-on. Having played it earlier today, I can say that HMX's tiers are pretty solid. Guitar is easily the star of the show, but I was still able to FC it (the fast G/R/Y riff during the solo was somehow pretty doable) and it's easy chord progressions outside of the solo. Drums and bass are pretty straightforward with minimal curveballs. The only parts that almost caught me off guard were the two faster rolls on drums, but I eventually figured those out.

    Here's the two-way comparison with you and @JimmyLethal. He actually tiered everything a dot higher than you except for guitar, which I think is a bit much, personally.
  • Reposting a Weekly DLC that has been posted before that has been deleated, once again... (I Really hate that "Your Message will Appear After It's been Approved" Message. It never follows through... Never! :# )

    =DLC for July Week 4=
    Next is a Set of three Singles representing the Grunge Genre. Developed in the mid 1980s in Seattle, it became popular when Nirvana entered the mainstream with Nevermind. And then lost popularity when Kurt Cobain died in 1994.

    So we're bringing 3 Grunge-Rock Classics that will be joining this month's DLC. First is Honey Bucket by Grunge legends Melvins, from the album, Houdini. A short, but yet difficult song that is sure to keep you on your toes.

    Second is Touch Me I'm Sick by Mudhoney, which wasn't released in any album, aside from compilation albums from Mudhoney's discography. This classic anthem of Grunge music predates Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, and is regarded as one of Mudhoney's most significant songs.

    Finally is Mind Your Manners by Pearl Jam, which is in Pearl Jam's latest album, Lightning Bolt. This song appeared in Guitar Hero Live as one of the on-disc songs. As of recent, Eddie Vedder is the only Grunge vocalist who is still living, as Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Scott Weiland, and recently, Christ Cornell, passed away.

    - Melvins - Honey Bucket (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Pearl Jam - Mind Your Manners (Band Tier: Nightmare)

    @MCSMeister It's nice that my tiering of Them Bones nearly matched that of Harmonix's, which makes me happy. Honey Bucket by the Melvins will be replacing Them Bones as the third song of the Grunge-genre set of singles for July Week 4. (I had a problem with the Youtube link showing up. I tried to repost the Youtube link and it got deleated once again, much to my own dismay. :'( )

    But once again, it's nice to see that I've managed to nearly match Harmonix with my tierings. <3 :)
  • It's Sunday, which means, another Wishlist DLC for this thread. :)

    Today's Weekly DLC for October is a Preview pack from Beck's latest album, Colors. Alongside a set of 3 singles representing the Pop/Dance/Electronic genre. As of current, we have 2 songs from Beck's discography as of yet, which are Dreams, also from the Colors album, and E-Pro, from the album, Guero. Guitar Hero 5 had the song, Gamma Ray, which was from the album, Modern Guilt.

    But we never had anything from his earlier albums like Mellow Gold and Odelay. (But I did announced Loser, from Mellow Gold, as one of the songs from my Rock Band 5 2018 Setlist). Buy anyways, let's get to the songs that I've chosen from Colors. The first song is Dear Life, the third single from the album, which is pretty Beatlesque in terms of melody.

    The second song is Wow, the second single from the album. The last song to join the pack is Up All Night, the last single of the album. The pack will be joined by these three singles: First is Always by Erasure, from their album, I Say I Say I Say, a.k.a. the song from the Robot Unicorn Attack game.

    The second song of the set of singles is Brokenhearted by Karmin, from the band's EP, Hello. The last song to join the set is Tik Tok by Kesha, a electropop song that, dare I say, long overdue now that we've been getting those type of music, ever since Harmonix released the Lady Gaga 01 pack on Rock Band 2. Anyways, without further ado, I present this week's Wishlist DLC.

    =New Album Picks 02 (Beck - Colors)=
    - Dear Life (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Up All Night (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Wow (Band Tier: Moderate)

    =Singles 021=
    - Erasure - Always (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Karmin - Brokenhearted (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Kesha - Tik Tok (Band Tier: Solid)

    Look forward to the special DLC Pack dedicated to the mystery Mangaka Artist that will be coming tomorrow, along with next week's DLC, which will be a Butthole Surfers pack, along with a set of 3 singles representing the Blues genre. (The Halloween Pack that I mentioned earlier will be released on the last Sunday of October) :)
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    That's a fantastic Beck pack and I'd buy it all instantly. We are criminally lacking in Beck DLC. I actually was going to have @TuleRune tier "Wow" a while back, but never got around to it because it would be so weird in a RB4 setting. I'm curious how you envisioned its guitar chart (it would probably be the flute-y synths, primarily, and some of the piano later). The trap drums in that would make for quite a chart, I think, and the hi-hat patterns sound like they'd be hard to hit, namely in the chorus. Personally, I'd put the genre as Hip Hop/Rap since it's essentially a trap song.

    Also, even though we have "Dreams" in Rock Band already, I thought the Colors mix of that was interesting. I did think it was a bit abrupt how it cut off the final pre-chorus, though, and I'd probably prefer the single mix.
  • It's October 16th, and it's time for me to unveil the special DLC dedicated to the mystery Mangaka. :)

    The special DLC Pack for this week is a 30-song pack to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gosho Aoyama, the mangaka of one of Japan's longest running manga series, Detective Conan or also known as Case Closed in the US, to coincide with the release of the mangaka's 30th Anniversary Tankoban.

    With over 1005 chapters and 94 volumes of the manga, 879 episodes and 27 seasons of the anime series, with 45 opening themes and 55 closing themes. 21 movies, 12 OVAs, 6 TV Specials, a Live-Action Drama series that took place before the events of the Manga, and 36 Video Games. Detective Conan is among the popular Shonen Mangas that is currently still going, along with Shonen Jump's One Piece.

    But with a lot of songs from source materials for this pack, I chosen 30 songs. 27 songs from the Detective Conan anime, each being a high charting song from all 27 seasons. 1 song from one of the movies. And also 2 songs from the anime series of Aoyama-san's other works, Magic Kaito and Yaiba. So, without further ado, hear is the Celebrating Gosho Aoyama's 30th Anniversary Pack.

    =Songs from B'z=
    - Don't Wanna Lie (Detective Conan Season 20, Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Giri Giri Chop (Detective Conan Season 6, Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Q&A (Detective Conan Season 22, Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Shoudou (Detective Conan Season 15, Band Tier: Impossible)
    =Songs from Breakerz=
    - Everlasting Luv (Detective Conan Season 18, Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Miss Mystery (Detective Conan Season 21, Band Tier: Impossible)
    =Songs from Mai Kuraki=
    - Always (Detective Conan Season 9, Band Tier: Solid)
    - Dynamite (Detective Conan Season 23, Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Kaze no Lalala (Detective Conan Season 11, Band Tier: Solid)
    - Muteki na Heart (Detective Conan Season 24, Band Tier: Solid)
    - Secret of My Heart (Detective Conan Season 7, Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Start of My Life (Detective Conan Season 8, Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Togetsukyou ~Kimi Omou~ (Detective Conan Season 27, Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Tomorrow is the Last Time (Detective Conan Season 19, Band Tier: Solid)
    - Winter Bells (Detective Conan Season 10, Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Yesterday Love (Detective Conan Season 26, Band Tier: Nightmare)
    =Songs from Zard=
    - Ai wa Kurayami no Naka de (Detective Conan Season 17, Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Ashita wo Yume Mite (Detective Conan Season 12, Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Glorious Mind (Detective Conan Season 16, Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Hoshi no Kagayaki yo (Detective Conan Season 14, Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Unmei no Roulette Mawashite (Detective Conan Season 4, Band Tier: Challenging)
    =Songs from other artists=
    - CHiCO with HoneyWorks - Ai no Scenario (Magic Kaito 1412, Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Heath - Meikyuu no Lovers (Detective Conan Season 2, Band Tier: Challenging)
    - The High-Lows - Mune na Doki Doki (Detective Conan Season 1, Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Kabuki Rocks - Yuuki ga Areba (Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba, Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Koshi Inaba - Hane (Detective Conan Season 25, Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Miho Komatsu - Nazo (Detective Conan Season 3, Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Porno Graffiti - Oh! Rival (Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno, Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Rina Aiuchi - Start (Detective Conan Season 13, Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Two-Mix - Truth (A Great Detective of Love) (Detective Conan Season 5, Band Tier: Impossible)
    *NOTE* Some Videos has a unique trait. The video for Giri Giri Chop is a gameplay footage from Rocksmith. The Video for Q&A is a live footage. The video for Hane is a cover version. The video for Ai no Scenario is played in a higher tempo. Oh! Rival's video is from the Vevo site.

    Even if you're not a fan of anime, this pack is sure to be a fun pack to play. But I must admit that this is one of the largest packs that I've done. (Though, I might have a even larger pack for next month, though). Anyways, look forward to the Butthole Surfers Pack with the three Blues singles coming this upcoming Sunday. :)
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