FritzyKatz's Rock Band 5 Wishlist (With Tiers & DLC)



  • @MCSMeister That's right! :)

    Mystery Band 2 is American Hi-Fi, which is well known for the song Flavor of the Weak (Which refers Nintendo, in the song's lyrics). The band is another band from Boston that Harmonix should've gotten a while back when Rock Band first came into existence, since they love including bands from their home city. Yet another example of bands that are long overdue from the year 2000.

    Flavor of the Weak will be the 4th Song that will appear in Mystery Track Pack 05. Only 4 more songs left.


    The Airborne Toxic Event - Gasoline
    American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Weak
    Drist - Arterial Black
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ R _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Strung Out - Calling

    4. This band's hit song has been in two of the big dance video games, as a DLC in Dance Central and as a On-Disc song in Just Dance 2.
    5. One of the biggest Japanese Idol Groups, which has 14 generations of lineups. Today, the group has 2 members of the 9th Generation lineup still.
    6. This rapper shares his name with one of Canada's biggest pop singers.
    7. A popular UK Band with only 2 charting songs in the US, but also 2 certified platinum albums during the 2000s.
  • 4 might be Justice?
  • @MCSMeister Correct! :)

    Mystery Band No.4 is the french house band, Justice, which is known for their song, D.A.N.C.E, which is from, the album, Cross. The song in question was in the On-Disc setlist of Just Dance 2, and is a DLC Song for Dance Central. a cover of the song was also in the Dreamworks film, Trolls, as part of a 3-song medley with Junior Senior's Move Your Feet and The Brady Bunch's It's a Sunshine Day.

    D.A.N.C.E. will be song 5 of Mystery Track Pack 05. Only 3 songs remain.


    The Airborne Toxic Event - Gasoline
    American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Weak
    Drist - Arterial Black
    Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
    _ _ R _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Strung Out - Calling

    5. One of the biggest Japanese Idol Groups, which has 14 generations of lineups. Today, the group has 2 members of the 9th Generation lineup still.
    6. This rapper shares his name with one of Canada's biggest pop singers.
    7. A popular UK Band with only 2 charting songs in the US, but also 2 certified platinum albums during the 2000s.
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    That was literally just guessed, Jimmy :p
  • Show meee Nelly for number 6 (Hot in Herre?)
  • @thebipsnbeeps You want it? Then You got it. :) (Which means "You are correct.")

    Mystery Artist No.6 is Nelly, the rapper who shares his name, but is, by no means, not related to Canadian Pop-singer, Nelly Futardo. He is best known for the song, Hot In Herre, from his 2nd album, Nellyville. The song in question uses samples of Neil Young's There's a World, and Nancy Sinatra's cover of Marianne Faithful's song, As Tears Go By.

    Hot In Herre will be song 6 of Mystery Track Pack 05. Only 2 songs left.


    The Airborne Toxic Event - Gasoline
    American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Weak
    Drist - Arterial Black
    Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
    _ _ R _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _
    Nelly - Hot In Herre
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Strung Out - Calling

    5. One of the biggest Japanese Idol Groups, which has 14 generations of lineups. Today, the group has 2 members of the 9th Generation lineup still.
    7. A popular UK Band with only 2 charting songs in the US, but also 2 certified platinum albums during the 2000s
  • I'm just going to take a stab at Band 7 based on it being a seven letter English band with no Rs in the name: Placebo?
  • @WingsOfSteel You've already made your guess for today (Midnight means the start of a new day, in case you forgotten), you must wait until tomorrow for your answer to be accepted, or until someone else guesses your answer, but hasn't answered yet.
  • I must be in a different time zone than you lol.
  • I must be in a different time zone than you lol.

    That would explain it, so where do you live and what time zone?

    I live in South Carolina, so my Time Zone is Eastern U.S. Time, which is the same time zone as the Harmonix Forums.
  • Washington state, Pacific time zone.
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    @WingsOfSteel Fair enough. (That means, in your time zone, it would be 1:30 PM, right now. Which means, when you've posted the answer for Mystery Band 4, which was Justice, that means it would be 10:34 PM yesterday was the day you've posted your answer for Mystery Band 4).

    Well, I'll tell what I'll do: Since we're down to our last two mystery bands and since this is my Birth Month, and since there's 9 days left until my Birthday, I'll accept your answer for Mystery Band 7 today because my Birthday is coming up.

    And for your answer for Mystery Band 7, you are correct. :)

    Mystery Band 7 is Placebo, a British Band that has been a major influence to My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco, with several charting songs in their home country, and 2 certified platinum albums. Here in the US, they had 2 charted songs, with Pure Morning being the highest charted.

    But since this is focus on songs from 2000s, the song, The Bitter End, from their fourth album, Sleeping with Ghosts, will be the second to last song of Mystery Track Pack 05. And now we're down to the last Artist, I'll reveal 1 more letter: M.


    The Airborne Toxic Event - Gasoline
    American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Weak
    Drist - Arterial Black
    Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
    M _ R _ _ _ _ / M _ _ _ _ _
    Nelly - Hot In Herre
    Placebo - The Bitter End
    Strung Out - Calling

    5. One of the biggest Japanese Idol Groups, which has 14 generations of lineups. Today, the group has 2 members of the 9th Generation lineup still.

    Maybe next time, I should enforce this by the time we do the last Mystery Track Pack game: State the time based on your Time Zone, so confusion will be avoided. Either way, I'm looking forward to @MCSMeister's comparisons to Play That Funky Music and Slow Ride.
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    Comparison time! Both of these songs were awesome to play, and I can vouch that "Play That Funky Music" is one of the most fun songs I've bought this year.

    "Play That Funky Music" comparison

    Very close on this one. Guitar and vocals are spot-on, while drums and bass are a dot off. In regards to those differences, I can kind of understand why someone might view the bass chart as a 4 dot, but even though the entire chart is HOPO-centric, it's basically the same riff for the entire song. The only real change-up is toward the end, after the key change. I didn't really have much of a problem with drums, either; the snare fills were pretty straightforward. I guess a 3 could work, but the drum beat is pretty simple outside of those fills. Overall, I think Harmonix did a great job tiering this. The only slight gripe I can think of is that maybe guitar could pass for a 5-dot with all of the alt-strumming, but I didn't have too much of a problem with it, and the main riff is easy enough to balance it out a bit. The solo isn't very difficult, either.

    Here's the two-way comparison with you and @JimmyLethal. It makes me happy to see that, outside of Jimmy's large vocal discrepancy (and he admits he hates tiering vocals as it is), everyone was in the right range here, and everyone agreed on four dots for guitar.

    "Slow Ride" comparison have this way overtiered, but I think that's within reason because I'm pretty sure you tiered the 8-minute album version, which is double the length of the version we got and has much more difficulty going for it. As it stands, these tiers don't even remotely make sense with the version we got in RB, so it's not really a fair comparison. With the version in RB, bass is the shining star, being the highest-tiered instrument and the instrument with the most deviations and curveballs. Everything else is pretty easy (and thus, 2 dots suits them well). Anyway, with all this in mind, the discrepancies will be bigger - vocals and bass are two dots off, drums are three dots off, and guitar is four dots off.
  • @MCSMeister Very nice! :)

    In regards to my tiering of Slow Ride, yes, mine was based on the 8-minute version from the album, just in case if we gotten that one. But Harmonix chosed the 4-minute single version, so I can agree with Harmonix's tierings with the Guitar, Bass, and Drums. Vocals, I gave a zero-dot because it seems like the easiest part of the song, but I can respect Harmonix's decision to give it a 2 dot.

    As for the other song, I gave 3-dots to drum, because of how fast paced the drums were. But I can respect Harmonix's decision to give it a 2-dot. As for Bass, I'm suprised by Harmonix's decision to give it a 3-dot over a 4-dot, because most R&B/Soul/Funk-genre songs has some pretty tricky bass charts. But I'm also going to respect that decision. I'm happy that I managed to get at least 2 of the instrument tiers right. :)

    This will be the song that will replace Slow Ride.

    - ZZ Top - La Grange

    Play That Funky Music's replacement will come later.


    The Airborne Toxic Event - Gasoline
    American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Weak
    Drist - Arterial Black
    Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
    M _ R _ _ _ _ / M _ _ _ _ _
    Nelly - Hot In Herre
    Placebo - The Bitter End
    Strung Out - Calling

    5. One of the biggest Japanese Idol Groups, which has 14 generations of lineups. Today, the group has 2 members of the 9th Generation lineup still.
  • Imma take advantage of that second guess and sayyy Morning Musume
  • @thebipsnbeeps Correct! :)

    Mystery Band No.5 is Morning Musume, one of the largest J-Pop Girl Idol Groups who holds the Oricon Records for the most top 10 singles with 50 songs from their discography. While they got a strong start in the 1990s, it was 1999, with the song, Love Machine, from their 2nd album, Second Morning, that made them into one of the most beloved J-Pop groups of their native country. The band constantly go through a generation of members, and currently, they have 14 generations, with Chisaki Morito being the latest to join the band, which she did so in June 26 this year.

    And since all of our songs in Mystery Track Pack 05 are all 2000s songs. The song, Koi No Dance Site, from Morning Musume's 3rd Album, 3rd Love Paradise, will be the last song of the pack. And now, the unveiling of the 5th Mystery Track Pack and the special announcement regarding the last Mystery Track Pack game.

    =Chapter 5 Story=
    After finding Ms.Stalkinew, our two beloved Zootopian police officers, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, decided to take it easy. They held a Halloween Party with their friends, the Missing Mammals from the Night Howler Conspiracy case, including the other half (Which included Emmitt Otterton, who was the sole reason why Judy and Nick were able to solve the case in the first place), who had went on vacation to Europe.

    Nick and Judy spoke with those mammals, who explained about the cultures that they were introduced to, when traveling abroad. They scheduled a meeting with those mammals to learn more about the European countries they went to, but just before the 2nd Mammal could come to chat with our heroes, the latter receives a call from someone: a Hot Dog Vendor from Chicago.

    The Hot Dog Vendor told them that he saw a young wolf in his mid-teens. So Nick and Judy headed to Chicago, quickly before they chatted with the 2nd Mammal who went to a European City. And eventually, they founded Peter Volkovski, one of the Mammals who outstayed their vacation in the American Cities. They took the young wolf home, back to his parents in Zootopia, and then resumed their chat with the other 8 Mammals who went to Europe.
    =Chapter 5 Story End=

    - The Airborne Toxic Event - Gasoline (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Weak (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Drist - Arterial Black (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Morning Musume - Koi no Dance Site (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Nelly - Hot In Herre (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Placebo - The Bitter End (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Strung Out - Calling (Band Tier: Impossible)

    That's right, the last Mystery Track Pack game will start in December 8, 2017. Reason: December 7 is the Boston Music Awards. So I thought of a cool idea for one of the mystery artists. Whoever wins the New Artist of the Year award will be one of the 8 mystery bands and artists that will represent 2010s, the game's final decade.

    So look forward to it, as well as the DLC that will be coming in the following weeks of November.
  • Play That Funky Music has been replaced by a new song. The song replacing it is...

    - Commodores - Brick House (Band Tier: Moderate)
  • Really hope Strung Out gets some songs in RB in the future. Blueprint of the Fall is on my RB5 setlist
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    Oh also, I forgot to do a two-way comparison with @TuleRune's tier of "Slow Ride", so here's that. I'll make the safe bet and say he also tiered the album version here, due to the increased difficulty. It's interesting seeing how everyone differed on vocals, which I'd still agree with you on in saying they're the easiest part of the song. The album version is pretty clearly a devils or near-devils song on everything else (and in fact, I heard the full version on XM Radio today and was reminded of how tough it would be in RB) so it's no surprise you and Tule differed by no more than a dot on the other instruments.

    I probably won't compare any more tiers over on his thread for the time being (unless he returns), but if he tiered a song that you also tiered, then I'll try to remember to throw a two-way comparison together for your sake.
  • It's Sunday, time for me to reveal yet more Wishlist DLC. :)

    But first, before I reveal the next DLC. I'll let you in on what I've been doing: I've been working on all of the DLC Cards for November, and December, as well as tiering all of the songs for November. I won't reveal what December has in store for this year yet, but I will eventually. :)

    And now, for the next DLC for this week: The entire The Best of Crush 40 Super Sonic Sounds album, along with the 10th DLC Pack of the Going Country packs, to celebrate the release of the new entry of the Sonic The Hedgehog series, Sonic Forces, and the upcoming CMA Country Music Awards respectively.

    Since 1998, the release date of Sonic Adventure, Crush 40 has always been the house band of major game company, Sega. There's been word that Crush 40 were going to make their Rock Band debut via Rock Band Network, which sadly never happened. But this album pack comes pack with all of their best songs, including some new entries, like a cover of The Cult's Fire Woman.

    The Album Pack will be joined by my fan-made 10th Entry of the Going Country series. This pack will have the following songs: 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton, which has a film named after said song. Amos Moses, by the legendary Jerry Reed. And finally, Collision of Worlds, from the film, Cars 2, by the collaboration of British Pop-singer, Robbie Williams, and Country Singer/Guitarist, Brad Paisley, who will be hosting this year's CMA Country Music Awards.

    So, hear it is... The Best of Crush 40 Super Sonic Sounds Album Pack and Going Country 10 Pack.

    =Crush 40 - The Best of Crush 40 Super Sonic Sounds=
    - I Am... All of Me (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - His World (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Un-Gravitify (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - All Hail Shadow (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Never Turn Back (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Revvin' Up (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Into The Wind (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Watch Me Fly (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Fire Woman (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Sonic Heroes (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - What I'm Made Of... (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Live Life (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Knight of the Wind (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Live & Learn (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Open Your Heart (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Is It You (Band Tier: Moderate)

    =Going Country 10=
    - Dolly Parton - 9 to 5 (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Jerry Reed - Amos Moses (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Robbie Williams & Brad Paisley - Collision of Worlds (Band Tier: Challenging)

    In 5 more days, I'll be releasing the Zootopia Spotify Picks Pack on the day before my Birthday, which will have the following artists: Dexys Midnight Runners, Dinosaur Jr, Adam Ant, Junior Senior, Newcleus, James Brown, Flo Rida, TLC, and Tame Impala. So I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am. :)
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    It's November 10th, the day before my birthday, which means Happy Early Birthday to me! :)

    As mentioned earlier, I'll be releasing a Wishlist DLC pack themed around one of my favorite Disney Movies, Zootopia. It will be pack of songs selected from the 9 Character-themed Spotify playlists promoting the movie at the time of it's release. I've chose 9 songs from all 9 of the Spotify Playlists of the Zootopia Characters.

    - Judy Hopps: The main protagonist's setlist is mostly Pop music, including some Pop-Rock (has 1 official on-disc songs, and Try Everything the main theme. It even has the de-listed Don't Stop Believing by Journey). From her setlist, I'm choosing the original Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners.
    - Nick Wilde: The secondary protagonist's playlist is my second most favorite of the nine playlists. It's mostly Alternative rock, mixed with a few classic rock and dance tunes. (It has 1 official On-Disc Song, Two Princes by Spin Doctors, from Lego Rock Band). From his setlist, I'm choosing Almost Ready by Dinosaur Jr. from the album, Beyond, which the delisted Pick Me Up hails from.
    - Benjamin Clawhauser: The hyperactivity friendly cheetah cop who runs the receptionist desk at the ZPD has a playlist that consists of Dance oriented pop, and much like with Judy's setlist, it also has the theme, Try Everything as well. From his setlist, I'm choosing Move Your Feet by Junior Senior.
    - Finnick: The grouchy fennec fox friend of Nick's has a Classic Hip-hop setlist. The song choice from his setlist will be Jam On It by Newcleus.
    - Flash Slothmore: Flash, Flash, Hundred Yard Dash. The lovable sloth who likes to get reactions from Nick's joke has a setlist that consists of modern R & B. From his Setlist, I'm choosing Red Light Special by TLC.
    - Gazelle: Zootopia's no.1 Pop star that is adored by Judy and Clawhauser has a setlist similiar to the latter's setlist. In addition to Try Everything, the setlist has songs from Gazelle's voice actress, Shakira. But I'm choosing a different song, and that song will be Good Feeling by Flo Rida.
    - Mr.Big: The most notorious crime boss of Zootopia has a setlist of his own, which is mostly easy listening, doo-wop, and blues. It also has some Eric Clapton songs too. The song I'm choosing from his setlist is The Boss by James Brown, from the film, Black Caesar.
    - Yax: My favorite setlist. The laid-back Yak who runs the naturalist club, Mystic Springs Oasis, and apparently has a better memory than his elephant yoga instructor. His Spotify setlist is mostly Classic Rock, which includes 3 official on-disc songs from Rock Band 3, a Beatles song, and a Led Zeppelin song. From his setlist, I'm choosing Elephant by Tame Impala.
    - Dawn Bellwether: And finally, the ever-eager Assistant Mayor of Zootopia and SPOILER ALERT
    Main Atagonist who nearly destroyed Zootopia by attempting to turn the Predator population into Savages with Night Howler serum
    . Her Spotify Setlist has mostly Pop-Rock songs, from the past and present, including two past On-Disc songs. From her Spotify Setlist, I'm choosing Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant.

    So without further ado, here is my Birthday Gift that I would like to share with those of you who have been liking my Wishlist, the Zootopia Spotify Picks pack.

    - Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Dinosaur Jr. - Almost Ready (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Flo Rida - Good Feeling (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - James Brown - The Boss (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Newcleus - Jam On It (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Tame Impala - Elephant (Band Tier: Solid)
    - TLC - Red Light Special (Band Tier: Warmup)
    [NOTE: Come On Eileen was available as a Stand-Alone DLC, but is included in this pack).

    In just a day after my Birthday, another Wishlist DLC will be revealed. So look forward to it. :)
  • It's Sunday, which means, it's time for me to reveal another Wishlist DLC. :)

    Yesterday was my birthday, and I had such a great time. I've gotten the Platinum Trophy of Rock Band 4, which was one of my most hugest accomplishments (To accomplish this: I needed to get the Creative Differences trophy. I've gotten a PS4 Rock Band 4 Guitar Controller, which helped me accomplish this task). Anyways, our next DLC for this day is a Uriah Heep 3-song pack, along with 3 singles of songs representing the Indie Rock genre.

    The Uriah Heep 3-song pack will come with the following three songs: The Wizard, from the album, Demons and Wizards (Which Easy Livin' (Which is in my Wishlist) is from), Stealin', from the album, Sweet Freedom. And One Minute, from their currently latest album, Outsider. It somewhat impossible for Uriah Heep could appear in RB4 as DLC, but probably not Led Zeppelin-tiered impossible. Though, I would like to see Uriah Heep in RB, sometime.

    The 3 Uriah Heep songs will be joined by 3 songs of the Indie Rock genre. Those songs are Blue Day, by Darker My Love, which is from Guitar Hero 5's setlist. There's No Secrets This Year, by Silversun Pickups, which is from Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock's setlist (And I seriously regret not picking up Panic Switch before it was delisted, because I liked that song as much as I did with TNSTY and Lazy Eye). And finally, Fire and the Flood, by Vance Joy.

    So, without further ado, I present you the Uriah Heep 01 pack.

    =Uriah Heep 01=
    - One Minute (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Stealin' (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Wizard (Band Tier: Solid)

    =Singles 024=
    - Darker My Love - Blue Day (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Silversun Pickups - There's No Secrets This Year (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Vance Joy - Fire and the Flood (Band Tier: Moderate)

    Reason why I've posted this late: I've been playing my new Danganronpa V3 game (which is very fun to play, currently, I've made it up to Chapter 3 in my game, and I've completed Kokichi Oma's report card entry). Anyways, next week will be not only one, but two DLCs starting next Sunday: Next Sunday will be a The Smiths 01 pack, with 3 Hip-Hop/Rap-genre singles, and the day after that will be one of my most ambitious DLC Packs ever: The Class of Rock Band 1 Reunion Pack. So look forward to those.
  • Welp, it looks like a planned Wishlist DLC has became an official DLC for Rock Band 4. :D

    - Karma Police by Radiohead will be coming to Rock Band 4 as DLC :)

    But wait a minute, I haven't announced it prior before it's official announcement, and why's that?: Before the announcement, Karma Police was planned to be one of the 45 DLC Songs of the Class of Rock Band 1 Reunion Pack, as the Radiohead choice.

    Normally, since it wasn't announced in the Roadmap video, had I not chose it as part of the Class of Rock Band 1 Reunion Pack, then that would end my 6 song streak. But I had it planned as part of the Class of Rock Band 1 Reunion Pack from the very beginning since I've made it. So that means, my Song Streak now went to 7 because of a lucky coincidence.

    Hear is the planned Tiering for Karma Police. I'll replace it with a different Radiohead song.

    - Karma Police's tiering (Band Tier: Apprentice)

    But do look forward to the Class of Rock Band 1 Reunion Pack, which is coming on November 20th next week, as well as The Smiths 01 pack that will come a day before. :)
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    "Karma Police" comparison

    Welp, this one has a rather large difference (the biggest difference in quite a while) - vocals are four dots off. But you really didn't do too bad otherwise, with drums being spot-on and guitar and bass both being a dot off. Having just finished playing it, Harmonix actually made the odd decision of charting piano to bass three times (during the intro and the "this is what you get" sections), which likely upped their tier a little bit since you play a handful of three note chords. Even without that, though, the bass has a couple hammer-on sections that could maybe warrant a 2, but nothing past that. Guitar was a pretty average chord-based acoustic chart, and drums were pretty much a textbook example of a 0-dot chart (the only remotely difficult part was the quick roll before the outro).

    In your defense, I think Harmonix overtiered vocals just a little. I was able to FC it on my first try, and I imagine most people that know the song well wouldn't have too much of a problem with it. I wouldn't put it at 0 or 4 myself, but somewhere inbetween.

    Anyway, good comparison outside of vocals :)
  • @MCSMeister Thanks. :)

    But yeah, I too was surprised that Harmonix charted the Piano part on the Bass over the Guitar, as the latter makes more sense to chart the Piano part on over the former. But if that's Harmonix's decision, I'll respect that, and accept their tierings. And yes, I agree that the Vocals were overtiered on Harmonix's and undertiered on mine. So a 3-dot tier on vocals would make good sense, because the last part after the last "This Is What You Get" section is quite daunting, but not hard enough to validate a 4-dot tier.

    But seeing Karma Police gives me hope for Paranoid Android (My favorite Radiohead song), if Harmonix can afford it. Anyways, the replacement Radiohead song in my Class of Rock Band 1 Reunion Pack will be revealed on November 20th. :)
  • It's Sunday, time for me to reveal some new Wishlist DLC. :)

    Tomorrow, the Class of Rock Band 1 Reunion Pack will be coming. But first, we'll release the normal DLC Pack of this week: A 3-song pack of one of my favorite British Alternative rock groups, The Smiths, along with 3 singles representing the Hip-Hop/Rap Genre, and a extra song that I had not announced in my November Artists.

    Our extra song is Romantic Ageru Yo, from one of the popular anime series, Dragon Ball, by Ushio Hashimoto. This unexpected entry was to honor Hiromi Tsuru, the Japanese voice actress of Bulma, who recently passed away. Normally, I would do this for any reknowned Rock musician. But since I'm a fan of Anime and Manga series from Shonen Jump, like Dragon Ball, I made this a exception.

    This song will be joining the rest of this week's DLC. The Smiths 01 Pack, which includes the following songs: There Is a Light That Never Goes Out, from the album, The Queen Is Dead. Girlfriend In a Coma, from the album, Strangeways, Here We Come. And one of my personal favorites from this band, Sheila Takes a Bow.

    Joining The Smiths 01 Pack, and the extra song are 3 Singles representing the Hip-Hop/Rap genre. First song is It's Tricky, by Run-DMC. Second song of the set is Wild Thing, by Tone-Loc. The last song to join this three singles set is Gettin' Jiggy With It, by Will Smith.

    So, without further ado. Hear is The Smiths 01 Pack.

    =The Smiths 01=
    - Girlfriend In a Coma (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Sheila Takes a Bow (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Band Tier: Moderate)

    =Singles 025=
    - Run-DMC - It's Tricky (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Tone-Loc - Wild Thing (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy With It (Band Tier: Solid)

    =Extra Song=
    - Ushio Hashimoto - Romantic Ageru Yo (Band Tier: Moderate)

    Tomorrow will be the Class of Rock Band 1 Reunion Pack. And it's going to be a very good one. So look forward to that, once it comes into my Wishlist Thread. :)
  • It's November 20th, time for me to reveal the special Class of Rock Band 1 Reunion Pack. :)

    10 years ago, these 45 Artists, along with 13 Bonus Artists, were the first of many artists that would be in the very first Rock Band game. Now, 10 years later, in my Wishlist Thread, the 45 Main Setlist Artists reunite to make one of my most biggest and most ambitious packs ever.

    - Aerosmith - Jaded (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Black Sabbath - Iron Man (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Blue Öyster Cult - Shooting Shark (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Bon Jovi - Always (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Boston - Amanda (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Clash - White Riot (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Coheed & Cambria - The Suffering (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - David Bowie - Diamond Dogs (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Deep Purple - Woman from Tokyo (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Fall Out Boy - I'm Like a Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Faith No More - Ashes to Ashes (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Foo Fighters - Resolve (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (Band Tier: Solid)
    - The Hives - Hate to Say I Told You So (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Hole - Malibu (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Iron Maiden - Invaders (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - Jet - Look What You've Done (Band Tier: Solid)
    - The Killers - Human (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Kiss - I Was Made for Lovin' You (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Metallica - The Memory Remains (Feat. Marianne Faithful) (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Molly Hatchet - Gunsmoke (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Mountain - The Animal Trainer & The Toad (Band Tier: Solid)
    - The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Nirvana - Dumb (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - OK Go - Do What You Want (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - The Outlaws - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Pixies - Velouria (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - The Police - Spirits in the Material World (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Queens of the Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Radiohead - Just (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Ramones - Sheena Is a Punk Rocker (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Rush - Headlong Flight (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Soundgarden - By Crooked Step (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Stone Temple Pilots - Down (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - The Strokes - Last Nite (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Sweet - Co-Co (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Weezer - Memories (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Who - Happy Jack (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Band Tier: Moderate)

    Next week will be a pack from The Rolling Stones, and Paint It Black will be one of the songs in that pack. And also, the Artists preview of December will be coming later today. So look forward to it. :)
  • edited November 2017
    It's Sunday, time to me to reveal some new Wishlist DLC. :)

    First of all, I apologize for not revealing the December Artist Preview before today, because I was preoccupied with other stuff. But we'll reveal those once I've reveal this week's DLC: which is a 8-song pack from The Rolling Stones, and 3 songs representing the J-Rock genre.

    Since the second Guitar Hero game, all three games has at least one song from The Rolling Stones in their game's setlist. But only Guitar Hero and Rocksmith has more songs than Rock Band, which only has 1 song (Gimme Shelter). And since then, I've been waiting for the day that Harmonix would get some more Rolling Stones, but it seems like that day won't come unless Harmonix proves otherwise.

    So, I'm revealing 8 songs from The Rolling Stones career. One of these songs is Paint It Black, which was in the Class of Rock Band 1 Reunion Pack. The other seven songs are: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, from the US release of Out of Our Heads (Though it's technically a Single), Sympathy for the Devil and Stray Cat Blues, from Beggar's Banquet.

    Honky Tonk Women, which is a Non-studio album Single that has appeared in compilation albums. Can't You Hear Me Knocking, from Sticky Fingers. Miss You, from Some Women. And Start Me Up, from Tattoo You. These 8 songs from The World's Greatest Band will be joined by 3 songs from J-Rock artists. Those songs are Heaven's Drive, by L'Arc-en-Ciel, from their album, Ark.

    The second of the J-Rock singles is Innocent World, by Mr.Children, from their album, Atomic Heart. The third and last song of the set of singles is Shiver, by The Gazette, from the album, Toxic. So, without further ado, I give you The Rolling Stones Essentials 01.

    =The Rolling Stones Essentials 01=
    - Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Honky Tonk Women (Band Tier: Solid)
    - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Miss You (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Start Me Up (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Stray Cat Blues (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Sympathy For The Devil (Band Tier: Nightmare)

    =Singles 026=
    - The Gazette - Shiver (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - L'Arc-En-Ciel - Heaven's Drive (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Mr.Children - Innocent World (Band Tier: Moderate)

    December's Artists will be coming, this time for sure. Look forward to it. ;)

    EDIT: Fixed two Typo Errors (One with the DLC Card, and another with the Tiering for the song that had the Typo Error on the DLC Card).
  • It's a little late, but hear's a preview of artists that are coming December, starting the first of December.

    - The Alan Parson Project
    - The Beach Boys
    - Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans (Yeah, I've misspelled it on the DLC Card.)
    - Bobby Helms
    - Brenda Lee
    - Chris de Burgh
    - The Chords
    - The Coasters
    - The Crystals
    - Darlene Love (Yep, misspelled that too.)
    - Diablo Swing Orchestra (Pacifisticuffs Album Preview)
    - Dion
    - Elmo & Patsy
    - The Jackson 5
    - Jamiroquai
    - Jethro Tull
    - Judy & Mary
    - Kansas
    - Pink Floyd (The Wall (Full Album)
    - The Ronettes
    - Savatage
    - The Waitresses
    - Wizzard

    As mentioned earlier, the last Mystery Track Pack game will start on December 8, the day after the Boston Music Awards. But look forward to the first DLC of December, it's going to be a good one. :)
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