Harmonix stop adding **** music like Bruno Mars and daft punk...

It's rock band 4 not DJ hero.... I'm tired of seeing artist that don't belong in rock band


  • Sorry but Justin beaber is where I draw the line rock band needs to rethink it's dlc choice cuz the lists have been ****... system of the down chop suey is good... but artists like Justin beaber and king of Leon and daft punk... like wtf sorry harmonix but this is rock band not DJ hero .... 24k magic????? **** pick for cold play.. and green day not like we have enouph green day... there are better more deserving bands like old school artists like

    Bruce Springsteen, dokken,kiss,brian adams, John cougar mellingcamp , and more ... start thinking old ...here are some idea on songs ik people would spend there money on over amd over again

    in my dreams - Dokken

    Born in the USA -bruce Springsteen

    Kiss- tears are falling

    Run to you - Brian adams-

    Faithfully - journey

    R.O.C.K in the USA - John cougar mellingcamp

    Hurt so good - John cougar mellingcamp

    Separate ways (worlds apart) - journey

    It might take some work but these song would not just sell out and make u guys mad money but would also fit well with the game and make more people wanna play the game.... as a band... I'm very old school but so is rockband so it should stay old school

  • Ik about this.. they don't always listen
  • If they ALWAYS listened, there would either be no music in the game at all, or every song ever.
  • Did you seriously just bash Kings of Leon in the game, and subsequently suggest Brian Adams and John Cougar Mellencamp? Your opinion is officially null and void, learn 2 music.
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    At this point, there are no artists that "don't belong" in Rock Band due to musical genre. Ever since RB1 they've been releasing things that aren't prototypical "rock music," even on-disc with such artists as Freezepop. I feel any and all genres are welcome in this game.

    I feel a more productive way of doing this would have been to say "We need more 70's and 80's rock!" or "Here's a list of classic rock artists I'd like to see more of." Once you start bashing one style of music and start saying yours is better, it stops being a request and begins to look more like an angry rant about how your taste in music is better than everybody else.

    I myself would be very okay with more older rock songs and such. It's just that I don't feel it's necessary to start bashing other styles of music that other people seem to enjoy. Hell, I myself at least like a good bit of the modern-ish pop selection as well, even if I would love to see more metal DLC. These are just words for thought, for the next time you want to suggest something, but don't want to get inflammatory responses back.
  • I like how the OP is at least consistent.

    Now I'm hankering for some watermelling...
  • Maybe it has to do with artist not willing to participate or something to do with money? That would be my guess.
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    How boring would the game be if it was all just straight up rock?

    People who keep whinnying about the pop and dance still have a vast backlog of rock to purchase anyway.
  • I think Bruno Mars & Daft Punk are 5 star, not ****.

    Good to know you like them as well...
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