Harmonix Music VR and FLAC.

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According to the information scattered on the web, and in-game, it should be possible to use .flac files with HMVR. But although I tried pretty much everything, I have had no luck getting the game to acknowledge the music. Lastly I have reformatted the USB flash drive, and added just one song to the 'music'-folder placed in the root of the drive. It all leads to the same popup saying that 'Harmonix Music VR could not read some files...', which in all cases means every single file. All the .flac files work fine on PC, Bluesound and in the PS4 Media Player, and there are no strange characters used in the filenames. Any ideas for fixing this?


  • With my references to already tried solutions, I apparently failed to make it clear that I already tried the stuff mentioned in that particular thread. And with the traffic in this part of the forum, I'm quite confident someone qualified will answer, without being summoned :)

    Thanks for the tip, though.
  • Heyo @HoTkNiFe!

    Apologies on the delayed response and sorry about the issue. Could you let me know what songs they are by chance? If they are FLACs off of bandcamp for instance, I'll go check em out and see if I can get them to load myself. Should also help us with diagnosing the issue. I also can totally go for some new music to jam out to, haha.

    Other than that, what format is your flash drive formatted to? Trying a different format might help out.

  • Hello,

    Tracks primarily bought at hdtracks. Tried, among others, Billy Joel's album The Stranger (24/88.2), Emerson, Lake & Palmer's album Brain Salad Surgery (24/96), Lee Morgan's album The Sidewinder (24/192). The flash drive is formatted to FAT32. All mentioned tracks works fine on PC, via Bluesound, and in the PS4 Media Player.
  • Should I pursue support for the product elsewhere? Or is this the right place to ask? Waiting for weeks for an answer should not be necessary, especially considered the amount of traffic in this area of the forum.
  • One month gone... Time to give up, I guess. What a disappointing and pathetic level of support.
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