About the Easel

The main reason I bought the game was for the ability to draw around the room, like it is for quite a few people, it seems. With the beach and the dance area, they are fun as well, the beach being a little relaxing and beautiful when looking up at the sky.

One small question/suggestion:

Can I ask of the developers possibly making it where there is a form of physical solid ground that can be seen under one's feet? Trying to play while standing on the ground makes it not possible to draw there anyways without making your controller enjoy being almost pushed on the ground. My reason of asking/suggesting this is because of having a terror of heights. Seeing nothing but a void underneath me, though knowing that I am standing on a floor, still triggers it, forcing me to not be able to draw until I make a large amount of brush strokes to more or less make a visual floor, and feel better about it. It's not entirely fun to take off the headset and hold it in the right angle until making a form of floor before being able to draw at all. Takes away a bit of the experience for me, namely, of fully playing in the easel part if the game.
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