PDP Wired Legacy Adapter (In Stock on Amazon, Go Now Non-U.S. Drummers!)



  • BathTubNZ said:

    At least some acknowledgement by Josh on twitch

    @Harmonix We're still looking into things, more details when we have them.

    @Harmonix I just said we're looking into it, there's no clarification to give right now

    Well, at least that's something. I already have mine, so it isn't a big deal to me. I'm just curious as to why (assuming this is the case) it just wasn't announced earlier when the hype was generating around the product.
  • Well, there's PDP, managing to sink even further below my already low expectations.
  • For relocation reasons I had to postpone ordering it, but would of course never have done so if I knew that it would sell out this quickly and only be made in limited quantity. If this was "per our agreement with Harmonix", then this should have been communicated much more clearly. I'm not sure whether to be more depressed about stupidly not anticipating that this would of course happen (with the MPA track record and fans outside Europe being neglected) ... or the terrible realization that I may never play pro drums in Rock Band again O_o
  • That sucks if they decide to not make another batch. I was waiting for them to be in stock to get a couple and finally get RB4. I only play drums on my DTX 530. I just can't go back to the IONs or the standard plastic kit. I've grown too accustomed to hearing myself play (both good and bad lol).
  • Well, this just ruined my Christmas. I was hoping Amazon.com saying "TEMPORARILY" out of stock meant they were on back order... not canceled!!! I hope we get an update from HMX soon.
    Guess Santa ain't gonna bring what I wanted for this year. :(
  • CAL022CAL022 Opening Act
    They didn't even bring this to the UK. All the wired instruments I have are completely useless for RB4!
  • CAL022 said:

    They didn't even bring this to the UK. All the wired instruments I have are completely useless for RB4!

    The adapter only works on drums (and the stage kit), so if you're counting wired guitars you are out of luck anyway even with the adapter.
    I managed to get hold of the Madcatz adapter from Amazon UK. Im using the Logitech GH orange guitar that weighs as much as a real guitar. Only thing is is that the calibration seems off again. Now i just need to source some legacy wireless drums :)
  • This is really disappointing, I too almost exclusively play drums on an ekit so have been staying with RB3 till now.

    As I am in the UK and nowhere in the EU stocking the adaptor I ordered one from Amazon.com and paid the import fees etc. in advance.

    The item shipped and I was notified it was delivered on 6th Dec. I got home from work really excited and when I opened the package there was some sort of mix up at Amazon as they'd sent me a fitbit and some books! Amazon support were really good (they said I could keep the suff sent in error) but as they don't have stock they can't send me a replacement adaptor.

    As I specifically got an Xbox One and RB4 in anticipation of this adaptor hitting the market it feels like I've wasted a ton of cash on this for no benefit.

    So far:
    Xbox One £250
    RB4 Guitar Bundle £35 (on sale from Zavvi)
    RB3 Import to RB4 £11.99
    RB4 Wired Legacy Adaptor US$40.98 (OK, Amazon have offered a refund for this but leaving it there in hope!)

    At least I didn't dive in and start buying loads of new DLC or get the rivals upgrade yet.
  • Anyone contacted Sethmiester and see if he's willing to make some of his again. He helped me out with my original one when I was having problems with it at game launch. Maybe if he gets enough inquiries he might build them Again? If he even stopped ? I know if you search around here you will find his original adapter thread
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    This is absurd. I purchased the MIDI Pro Adapter already and was waiting on the kit for the adapter to be available. I guess the good news is I didn't spend the money on a kit yet, although I really want one for more than just rock band. I am still using a kit from RB2 and it's falling apart. I hope something shakes out soon.

    And to add to this, the page to order the adapter on pdp.com is not a 404 page not found
  • blaze122blaze122 Opening Act
    Harmonix needs to respond on this. Especially since they never really made it well known that preorders and shipping ever began on this product. Im not one to get on Harmonx's case about anything but this is frustrating. Never had the chance to order because it was sold out from the getgo and now this? C'mon harmonix.
  • murdermilitia85murdermilitia85 Unsigned
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    I almost never post on here, but I have to say how disappointed I am by this whole situation. I bought rb4 on release day, found out my ions wouldn't work. Tried guitar for a little bit but it's just not fun for me. I havnt played the game since. I was excited to hear about this adapter but missed out on it. 1000+ songs, ion kit with pintech cymbals, drum rocker pedal, RB stage kit. All useless :( I have $50 on my xbox account that I was saving to use for songs once I got to use my ion drums again. Guess I'll spend that on something else
  • Just wanted to post an update, the order on amazon.com I placed on Dec 6th (when it was "Temporarily out of Stock") just shipped today. It sounds like a very small batch got sent to amazon to fulfil some outstanding orders...

    Although someone on reddit ordered on the 7th (before it switched to "no longer available"), and did not get a shipping notification. I don't know where this excess stock came from, but I'm very pleased I was luckily in the group that got allocation.
  • Are you the guy who posted the thread on reddit, or is that someone else under the same circumstances?
  • I'm done with Harmonix and PDP unless they offer a solution. I supported Rock Band since its original release, that's ending today. I've been waiting over a year for them to support the ion rocker. I finally get time to jump back in Rock Band 4 and they announce this! Until they fix this I will never purchase another Harmonix or PDP product. Harmonix let me down in a big way, in my opinion their deal with PDP is going to ruin their reputation.
  • LoopyChew said:

    Are you the guy who posted the thread on reddit, or is that someone else under the same circumstances?

    Yes that was me.
  • No one from Harmonix is replying?
  • Chiming in to express my disappointment at this.

    Hopefully we'll get some clarification from HMX after the Christmas holiday, but as a UK gamer with an amazon.com order with pending delivery date I was shocked to hear that I may have missed my chance to get one.

    If that's the case then frankly I think HMX will have a tough time regaining my good will, it's even worse that development of 3rd-party solutions may have been put back based on an official adapter which is for many of us effectively vapour ware.
  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    Been pretty disgusted with HMX since the lead-up to RB4. I truly wonder how (or if) they'll control this situation.
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    This news HURTS! I had an XB1, RB4, and Rivals in my cart on Amazon, but couldn't find the adapter. Found this thread instead.

    I guess I'll continue playing RB3 forever. This is some incredible lack of foresight. I can only hope more of my friends will return to RB3, I've spent thousands of hours on my ION kit and I'm not tossing it (and 500+ RBN songs) in the trash to play a RB2 variant on kid drums.

    That said, if anyone has an adapter they'd like to pass on, please let me know.
  • Wow.

    I actually waited to get RB4 for this, and now that I've bought-in, the adapter doesn't exist anymore?

    I'm going to wait a bit and see if they announce anything else, but this is a pretty big deal to me, and I spent a bit of money around the idea that this was being made available.
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