Rock Band 4 Legacy Wired Adapter from PDP

Hello all,
Main reason for me to have Rock Band 4 is to play electronic drums with the game (Alesis Nitro).
Adapter that connects the game for XBOX One users seems no longer in production from PDP - is there a new vendor/manufacturer?

Here is the PDP reply:

Thank you for contacting PDP Support.

We're sorry to say that the adapter is no longer available and we don't know if they will be again in the future. We, as the technical support team, don't have any further information on a new release.

The best option, in this case, is to check with other retailers, to see if they still have the item in stock.


It seems the item is no longer listed in the e-shop also.
Any advice?


  • Almost bought the adapter from today, but it disappeared from my cart while choosing the delivery address and was gone from list after that...Dagnabbit! If anyone sells this adapter, even faulty one, please contact me ASAP :)
  • DoctorWaDoctorWa Unsigned
    The rumor on Reddit is that they will have another limited run in April/May 2017...appears to be confirmed my PDP tech support...hopefully it is true!
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