stepping up from Ion to midi for rockband 3 on xbox360

Hi gang. I have read so many posts and now I am so confused...

I am not a real drummer, but a rockband drumming enthusiast. I have worn out a couple sets of ion drum rocker pads and recently have been slowly replacing with Roland pads and cymbals, which of course are far superior. I currently have 1 pdx-6, 3 pd-8s, 1 cy-5 and 2 cy-8s. I have some good quality kick peddle with a pad that works via magnetic trigger and the pad is just for feel...i forgot the brand now. Anyway, this has been working great but I want to upgrade a bit and got a roland kd-9 kick, which does not work with the Ion brain.

From going through post I understand this is because Ion brain can't take the piezo signal from the kd-9 kick. There used to be this kickbox thing that would convert, but they don't seem to be made anymore. so all of this has me thinking maybe it is time to buy a roland brain and then figure out how to use that with my xbox360.

So, that leaves me with two questions: 1) can you buy drum brains stand alone along the lines of a TD11? Would that be a good choice? I would like to slowly develop my drumming abilities and be able to make use of the drum brain for more than rockband at some point, but I don't want to dump a lot more money on it because I am never gonna be a real drummer. 2) to connect the drum brain to work with the xbox, is this the right thing to buy?

Thanks! Any advice will be much appreciated.



  • Yes. And you will need a midi to midi cable.
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    First of all, set up is a cake walk if you are on a PS3 or PS4, Xbox gets a bit complicated due to unavailable parts and other hardware issues.

    The Madcatz Xbox 360 midi pro adapter has some significant occasionally registers wrong hits...however the PS3 version works flawless (for RB3 and RB4 and both PS3 and PS4).

    I use a TD-9 kit and it works great on PS but only OK on Xbox with Midi Pro.

    For the xbox I still use the Ion brain and plug all my TD9 rolands into it rather than going through the TD9 brain and midi adapter...however, the bass drum requires a kickbox or kickwire converter to be compatible with the ion...


    For Xbox 360: Best to use the ion brain BUT to use a real kick pad with any Ion brain you need to get a "rock band kickbox" or "rock band kickwire" (if you can find one, but they don't seem to be available least new ones).

    Yes, the Midi Pro/TD brain will work for Xbox 360, but don't count on many FCs due to the inherent errors...(you can still get 99% most of the time though)...I found it too frustrating myself...but I am a high level drummer (i.e. currently have 124 FCs)

    For Xbox One: Use the 360 set up BUT you will also need the PDP wired legacy adapter (which is out of stock but "might" release more in April/May 2017).

    For PS3 and PS4 get the Midi Pro (I use TD9 brain) - works for all Rock band versions (including 4) perfectly.

    I have both set ups running...Xbox One and PS4. I went through all the Xbox hassles only because I had all the 360 parts and have all my 600+ DLC on Xbox.

    Any questions feel free to hit me up.
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