Any chance at all for Harmonix Music VR to come to other headsets?

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When I first heard about Harmonix Music VR, it was announced for Gear VR. It looked amazing and I really wanted to gave it, but somewhere along the way it disappeared and resurfaced under PSVR.

I'm sure there's a perfectly sound reason for this, but I really must know if there is even a slight possibility of it coming to other headsets. I have zero interest in getting PSVR any time in the near future (I don't even have a PS4 yet), but I am closely eyeing the Vive and the Oculus and hope to soon come to a decision to buy one.

I would love to have a headset for my PC where I can easily access a storage device to play from my song catalogue in Harmonix Music VR, but there has been a total silence on whether or not it will stay exclusive.

I don't know if it's possible to get a response for this, but if you could it would mean the world to me. Doesn't even have to be a yes or a no, a maybe would be just as good. Just knowing there's even a chance would be great, or if the game is forever held up in Sony money than at least I can know not to ever get my hopes up.

I appreciate any responses in advance, and my apologies if this form of port begging is looked down upon/not allowed.
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