Thanks rockband.

Why I am quiting. Rockband 4 is ruining the franchise. I would rather just listen to the music than give in to what rockband is doing. You take a major online friend game and for over a year not make it so you can't play with the online friends. Really smart. On top of that you put out bull for music and make people play an extraordinary amount of notes for no reason. I picked up rockband for the reason of playing my favorite songs (or at least trying to). I'm not the best and I'm not the worst. I haven't spent the most money on it, I spent what I could afford. In the end I really think rockband 4 is the worst of the series. No online (oh but you can get on and play by yourself.) WE ALL KNOW HOW FUN FUN FUN THAT IS. LET ME JUST SAY YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. For playing by yourself. Then we got the fans who actually like what rockband is doing. I have not gamer I've talked to that said they are excited about RIVALS. Really rockband. I guess this is why you went broke right. Look at my last post in December and see how much people have spent( not that I asked for their opinion on it). (Thanks for posting to that
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