The Great Big Gamertag/PSN Username Share Thread for Online Multiplayer!

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With the online multiplayer mode coming later this month lacking any randomized matchmaking, it'll instead allow you to play with those on your friends list, or in your Rivals crew. So I decided to make a thread where we can all share our Gamertag or PSN Username and maybe find more friends to play with!

Go ahead and post your Gamertag/PSN, the amount of DLC you have, what instruments you play (and difficulty) and a brief description of what you're looking for in an online multiplayer experience. I'll post mine below as an example.

PSN: TheRealGigakoops
DLC: 66
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Vocals (All Expert)

I don't have a lot of DLC on my PS4, since last gen I was on Xbox, but I am rather decent at guitar, bass, and vocals. I'm not looking for anything too hardcore or grindy, but I do want to casually play the few DLC and on-disc songs I do have with others online.


  • PSN: Kal_el_0724
    DLC: Over 2,000
    Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Vocals (Expert)
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    Gamertag: CharizardSnyper
    DLC: 1000+
    Instruments: Expert Strings
  • itzJVitzJV Road Warrior
    XBOX Gamertag: itzJV
    DLC: 1400+
    Instruments: All, expert.
  • PSN: Tyrus1235
    DLC: ~300 (~430 songs total counting RB4, Rivals and RB3 songs)
    Instruments: Guitar, Bass (Expert with no-fail for some songs tier 5+), Vocals (Expert) and Drums (Expert with no-fail for songs tier 4+)

    I really want to play online for the fun of it - maybe grind some Rivals XP while doing it, but not really my focus (much less FC GS everything). I am very shy so voice chat is not very likely on my end (I could try if needed). I am very good with Vocals (except in very specific songs - usually with low tones as I'm more of a high-note guy lol) - even got about 15 songs with Crimson Stars. I would say I am a bit above average on Guitar and Bass as I don't usually GS or FC songs but I can handle myself relatively well even in high tier songs on Expert. Drums is the last instrument I got so I don't have as much experience in it yet, but I do try to play everything on Expert - just gotta be careful that I don't think I could complete many tier 4 and over songs without no-fail (and some lower tier songs have weird patterns that trick me).

    P.S.: I play mostly during weekends, as during the week I usually don't have access to my PS4.
  • PSN: mesabassman

    I have close to 1,100 songs
    Play all instruments with a focus on Bass and Guitar (hard and expert) mainly expert.
    My son plays pro drums (expert)

    Feel free to add me! Thanks.
  • Xbox Gamertag: Maiden Olivia
    650-700 songs overall
    Guitar/Bass on expert
    I play for fun :)
  • If you have a chance... make sure to get Discord Chat and get in the Rock Band Rivals board. You have real time ability to find players who will a) be pretty good at the game b)have more dlc than most and c) likely playing for xp like you might be. That particular board is admin'd by several of the rivals crews colaborately and should be your go to place to find people to play Rock Band with any time of the day. It also runs well on your smart phone so you can keep up easily with what is going on...

    Just a thought...

    The Guru
  • Gamertag: Twisted Oak

    About 1900 songs overall

    I play expert vox, guitar or bass.
  • Gamertag: tH3c74z3d
    Songs: 1000
    Instruments: Guitar (hard/expert) and Bass (expert)
  • X-Bone Gamertag: QuantumHandsome
    Songs: 2000
    Expert Vocals
    Hard/Expert Bass/Guitar
    Medium/Hard Drums/Pro Drums

    PSN ID: QzStoryteller
    Songs: 2000
    Expert Vocals
    Hard/Expert Bass/Guitar
    Medium/Hard Drums/Pro Drums
  • uppyb0tuppyb0t Opening Act
    Expert Pro Drums/Guitar/Bass/Vocals
  • PSN: Mrs_Derph
    Songs: 2290 i think, last time i looked.
    Expert Multi w/ broken, connection dropping, drums. So I don't drum much anymore :#
    If you do add me, make sure I know it's from here or I'll probably ignore it :p Those weird random adds aren't fun

  • brookfieldworldorderbrookfieldworldorder Opening Act
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    XB1: bWo v1

    My details are at
    MrsDerph said:

    If you do add me, make sure I know it's from here or I'll probably ignore it :p Those weird random adds aren't fun


  • PSN: Bouchkilele
    SONGS: Approximately 550 (Rock Band 1-4, AC/DC, Blitz, Track Pack 2 and the rest are DLC, maybe 150-200)
    INSTRUMENT: Expert Drums up to Solid with Gold Stars, up to Challenging with 5 stars, may be able to get through Impossible and Nightmare, but seldom play those tiers. I can handle the Vocals at Expert level mostly, but so can most, since one can hum those.

    Like Mrsderph said, if you add me let me know in the comments it's from this board (RB4 Multiplayer!)
  • Psn picchio73
    Total songs 1730 (all exports)
    I play expert pro drums, hard/expert bass
    I usually play drums during weekend and guitar/bass almost every day.i'm in Italy so I'm GMT +1
  • This is why I have no friends. Everybody is an Expert player! :|
  • KidSleez said:

    This is why I have no friends. Everybody is an Expert player! :|

    @KidSleez , just list your information. Other play levels will start to post. :smiley:
  • PSN: BlazingGuns94
    Songs: roughly 300-400
    Instruments: Expert/Hard Guitar, Expert Bass
  • Psn: CoLLuSioN710
    Have 300+ songs and buy most every week
    Play expert Drums, guitar and bass
    Over 900 skill in all 3
  • PSN: scottck97
    Songs: ~750
    Instruments: Expert Guitar, Bass, Vocals
    Feel free to add but please don't be a blank request :smiley:
  • gamertag: Firefly Faerie
    700+ songs
    hard/expert on drums
    hard on vocals
    medium on guitar/bass

    I don't play online for other games so might need some how to help :)
  • PSN: Wreckemtech94
    1400+ songs
    Expert guitar/bass
    I'll play with anyone, just need some friends!
  • gaiacat said:

    KidSleez said:

    This is why I have no friends. Everybody is an Expert player! :|

    @KidSleez , just list your information. Other play levels will start to post. :smiley:
    OK! :)

    XB1 Gamertag: Chef Sleez
    600+ songs
    Hard guitar
    Hard and some Expert bass

    If anyone happens to add me, please let me know here! :)
  • PSN: Peggy_MD
    DLC: 2,180
    Instruments: Vocals (Expert); Bass (Hard)
  • Xbox gt: MadMassacre510
    DLC count: 2500 + shopping spree coming soon lol

    Anything expert: will be on ions soon enough when I get my adapter so drumming will be improved.

    Always on! Msg me if you add me :) I'm looking for people to full band FC and get #1 scores on songs
  • PSN: SGH1968
    400+ songs
    Medium to Expert pro drums
    Medium to Hard Guitar/Bass
  • VladTepzVladTepz Unsigned
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    • Xbox GT: VladTepz
    • Instruments: Guitar/Bass - Expert
    • Songs: 1,400+ & growing
    • Exports: All but Blitz
    • Current Rivals Crew: The Wrecking Crue
    Would love to expand my RB friends list. Not many of them currently play RB, other than my crew mates and a few others. I don't care if you play Easy/Med/Hard/Expert, feel free to add me. :)
  • tilhaltertilhalter Unsigned
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    PSN: tilhalter
    DLC: 2,280+ (All and I buy all every week)
    Expert vocals.

    I am just getting back going since the end of rb3, so I'm a little rusty. Can ususually 5 star/gold star songs I know.

    Songs I don't know are a toss up, maybe I'll do good maybe I won't.

    I play for fun. If your looking for someone to full combo/gold star everything I am not your vocalist.

    Please mention rock band in invite.
  • XB: Wildcat222
    I think somewhere around 650 songs total (RB1,2,3,4,Blitz,Rivals,Lego,AC/DC, and DLC) wish I had Green Day but couldn't make it happen.
    I play expert on all instruments, but not rated higher than 872 (vocals)
  • MR CODMAN1976
    900+ DLC
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