Online Quickplay is Out Now for Rock Band Rivals!

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Online Quickplay - Available Now

Hey everyone,

Today is a long-awaited day, and we’re super stoked that Online Quickplay is available now for Rock Band Rivals owners! Rock Band Rivals has a series of new and exciting features that will interest all types of Rock Band players – Rockudrama is a hilarious new campaign that tells the story of your band’s rise (and fall, and rise) to fame! Rivals Mode has you competing with Crews online for tier promotions, and offers a way to obtain Crew XP with weekly custom Rivals Challenges. With the addition of Online Quickplay, Rock Band Rivals connects you with your friends from all over. Get Rivals today for $29.99 on Xbox One and PlayStation®4!

Online Quickplay will bring you and your bandmates together, whether they’re across the street or across the world. Explore your Music Library with friends and Crewmates, grouping up in the new Online Quickplay Hub and getting your best rocker face ready in the Green Room. Then, it’s time to pick your favorite tune out of a communal library of tracks that all members own, and create your epic session setlist. Take to the charts and you’ll see customized character emotes at the start of your session, showcasing each individuals’ style and flair.

Get to know the ins and outs of Online Quickplay in our previous blog post, and we’ll see you online!

There has been an unexpected short delay on this patch in Sony Europe; we expect this update to be available on or before January 27th.

“S.O.M.P.” is headed to Rivals

Rivals owners are also getting the latest track from the forgotten hair metal band, Skratch’N Snyf, titled “S.O.M.P.”. The tune tells a tale of a devious mastermind bent on controlling players through arcade machines – truly, a story that passes the test of time. Rock Band players will have a blast with this one; there’s plenty of shredding guitar solos throughout the tune, with a rippin’ solo towards the end which also takes place in double-time. Vocals feature a series of high notes and an incredibly long held note leading into the bridge of the song.

Check out how we made “S.O.M.P.” in our video!

Another Update, A Buncha Patch Notes

What would any good update be without patch notes? That’s why we’ve got ‘em! Check below for some of the improvements we’re bringing to Rock Band with the latest update.

Rock Band 4
  • Improved Leaderboard score legibility!
  • Improved Full Combo Laurels: Art, Sound effects, and Visual effects!
  • Improved drum calibration!
  • Fixed a drum scoring exploit related to “rollback”, which occurs when pausing / unpausing the game.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting Advanced Freestyle Tutorial for new players.
  • Fixed issues where promo items were appearing incorrectly in the Rock Shop.
  • Fixed an incorrect message about unreachable servers.
  • Fixed a rare crash due to drop in / drop out status.
  • Fixed an issue on PlayStation related to playing certain songs in Quickplay.
  • Fixed an issue cleaning up numerous, rapid camera cuts.
  • Fixed an error where gamer pics / PSN avatars weren’t loading correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Harmonies progress would disappear in-game (Thanks Lammy for helping us track this one down!).
  • Fixed an issue related to Brutal Mode leaderboard display.
  • Fixed an issue where a disconnected controller could cause an infinite sound loop.
  • Fixed an issue causing the number of songs owned to appear incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug in the description of the AbleGamers Logo shirt.
  • Fixed a bug where the multiplier didn’t function properly during a song with “No Part”.
  • Fixed a bug where My Stats menu wasn’t updating correctly when switching profiles.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a USB keyboard.
  • Made minor changes to select pre-fab characters.

Rock Band Rivals
  • Fixed a bug in Rockudrama related to band / characters appearing incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Compare Crew help bar in Rivals Mode.
  • Improved performance of Create a Crew menu in Rivals Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t exit out of Edit Crew temporarily.
  • Fixed a bug related to stuttering if a player lost their Rivals entitlement.
  • Fixed a bug where users could not progress in Create a Crew.
  • Fixed an error where the timer could sometimes overlap with other Rivals Hub elements.

We hope you all have a blast playing online with friends and Crewmates from around the world – until next time!


  • Add me as a friend on PS4, I'm looking for people to play online with. Username: Iceman1436
  • Xbox 1 GT: track2784 add me online so we can play. Im a drummer
  • :/ I was getting more of the idea that online would be like how it was for rockband 2. Play with people from everywhere not just from your friends list. And also play tour and stuff like that. but whatever. Add me on PS4: NewdleSpewnz
  • Add me on Xbox One. I play all the time. My gamer tag is Gravity22. Message me so I'll be able to add you as well.
  • naaaahhhhhh now ill have to wait 2 more days :C
  • Add me on Xbox 1......tag is x BLACKB1RD x....I play bass on expert...drums on expert...guitar on medium or hard...and vocals on hard....I have 1300+ songs....please let me know this is for rock band 4
  • FODFOD Unsigned
    I play pro-drums on med-hard, guitar & bass on hard-expert and vocals on hard. Also, join my Rivals Crew "PS Nationers B Tracks"
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    @HMXOwl or @HMXCrisis Will you make a patch for February that will adress the following...
    - Online Matchmaking
    - Old Rock Band Instruments usable in Online Multiplayer (When not as the Host)
    - Deals with the Lag problem that most players has been experiencing.
    That would be an awesome add for the February Patch for Rivals.

    Edit: HMX made a recent patch that addresses the Legacy Instruments issue, So I've replaced the second item with another problem that I would like to have them tackle.
  • Matchmaking is a must!! Every other rockband has had it no problem!! It sucks when you only have 2 friends that play and they're never online. We Need a way to get into the game with other players so it's not boring!! Please bring back matchmaking sincerely - Everybody
  • Xbox one GT: Alex UA6
  • Matchmaking
  • Add me on Xbox one Gt: track2784 expert drums
  • PS4 CJackson24 add please for an online friend anyone. 750+ songs. Bass hard and expert, guitar hard some expert.
  • edited January 2017
    PS4 User looking for other players, would prefer if you had DLC and could play at least hard difficulty, though if you have a few hundreds song and can manage medium I'm not picky!

    I play Expert Guitar/Bass, true skill level probably 990-995. PS4 2nd in Brutal mode.
    Getting an Ion drum kit put together here soon and can play expert Pro Drums, skill level ~925-950 if I had to guess.
  • Add on XBL: C h a a d d y y

    I play expert drums, guitar and bass
  • looking to join a band or just jam on PlayStation4 I am a Singer and will sing easy or expert it dont matter i just belt em out the best I can .. Add me on ps4 JEDI_CAPRICORN is my PSN ID
  • To bad it's friends only.... no matchmaking no more 1 bottom multiplayer now u have to waste time inviting friends to play with.. when I met all my friends threw matchmaking... sorry harmonix just this alone is a fail.... with out a rock band 3 style multiplayer rock band 4 is terrible,
  • Booooooooooooo for no matchmaking! and 1 instrument per console. you realy dropped the ball on this one HMX
  • I am a drummer on XBOX. Add me if you wanna rock. InJohnWeTrust
  • AhnnaAhnna Unsigned
    Expert Bass
  • AhnnaAhnna Unsigned
    OOOPs and a lot of DLC
  • Have to agree with above posters here. Lack of multiple players on same console is terrible and where are the custom guitar solos online?! That was the whole draw for a big new feature and yet I can't share my shredding with my people online...customs took away the cool effects on star power activation and now online there are neither....Booooo! Thanks for online play finally but for the love of God please address these issues.
  • add me i play drums, guitar or bass on expert for xbox one
  • Also Blitz has now been almost continuously down for 18 months... could we have an honest answer at last??
  • @HMXCrisis can we get an official comment regarding the issues multiple users are bringing up?
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