Online Quickplay is Out Now for Rock Band Rivals!



  • europe is still waiting for the patch :C
  • I'll be happy to answer any questions about the behavior or rather misbehavior of blitz – it's been down about 80% of the past year at least.

    it was always a fingers crossed situation but now it's just gone.

    I don't think you guys at HMX understand that maybe it's a small group by comparison but the people who play blitz are passionately desperate to get it back. I think it just fits a certain type of brain.

    Hoping for anything – thanks for your words, Karen
  • I only tried online once but a friend kept losing connection. My only real issue though is that you can't filter songs by availability for rivals challenge, unless I've missed something.
  • I also am disappointed with the restriction of a single instrument per console. My wife and I were so exited to be able to play online with a couple of our friends and come to find out we couldn't. I'm sure you could guess our disappointment and frustration.

    HMX, please allow multiple instruments per console for online play.

    My wife still laments over the removal of Keyboards, but that's another discussion. :neutral:
  • No, I'm sorry to disagree but it has indeed been down most of the time for the period since they moved from Cambridge to Boston .
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    I'm also really disappointed there is no matchmaking! :( my friends do not play this :(

    looking for PS4 friends to play with :smiley:

    PSN ID: laurington
  • Hello Out there! I am looking to join up with some cool people who enjoy RB! I only play Drums though. I am pretty good. I use an ION drum kit and am fair at Pro mode (I like to keep it as realistic as possible) If anyone out there is interested in adding a down to earth, no attitude, no Ego drummer dude drop me a line on the PSN. My Tag is Tom2X. I generally am available during weekends and am on the East coast (EST). Just looking to have fun and put some miles on my drum kit. (Since the lack of Matchmaking ATM, I haven't gotten much use lately).

  • akuiken98 said:

    No, I'm sorry to disagree but it has indeed been down most of the time for the period since they moved from Cambridge to Boston .

    I played Blitz in December 2015 and it was up and running. Where are you getting this from?
    From personal experience of trying it practically every day for that time. – If you do a little reading there are others that will say the exact same thing – that's where I'm "getting it from".

  • Add me xbox one darkhadowraink. Wanna play and want matchmaking back harmonix make it happend again
  • Fix the restriction of 1 instrument per console! Oh my goodness. Do you know how terrible this decision was? I have 5 people in my home who play. We want to play with my brother. Now we cannot. This is AWFUL.

    I agree with this. I realize I'm one of only a handful who like to strum while they sing, so I'm in the minority... but when I play with friends online, it'd be nice to play full bands without four people.
  • Looking for someone to jame with on PS4 (PSN is Batman80751) I play hard and Expert guitar depends on what song
  • Yeah, really shocked at the fact that my bf and I can't play online together due to the limit of one instrument per console. Wth...
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