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I'll see your Guitar Hero Boss Battles and raise you...hoo boy...


Sure the interface looks a little familiar, but THQ's Band Mashups for the Nintendo Wii certainly brings something new to the table - music switching. The game includes 30 chart-topping songs from the past four decades, each recorded in five different musical styles: rock, funk/hip-hop, country, marching band and Latin. You choose your favorite style and battle your way through the single-player campaign or against a friend, with the musical style of any song you are playing switching in mid-tune to reflect who is winning the match. The game also promises an original music combat experience, with over 70 weapons including a sniper violin and of course - the flamethrower guitar. I am marking this down as a tentative "must buy" on my list for the concept alone, pending the final track list. Musical combat is only as good as the songs you are fighting with. Look for Band Mashups to hit stores this April.

You can see the article and read the press release at Kotaku!

The Metal: Unabridged Version

Punk Rock: Sank into Swamp
New Wave: Sank into Swamp
Grunge: Caught Fire, Fell Over, Sank into Swamp
The Metal: Strongest in these Woods but Still Looking for a Bride with Huge Tracks of Land


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  • barber78barber78 Opening Act
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    looks like a cheap knock-off. Bound to happen with all the success of GH and RB.
  • RavagerXRavagerX Opening Act
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    This can't be serious.....
  • phulcrumphulcrum Road Warrior
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    RavagerX;306904 said:

    This can't be serious.....
    I second this...
  • CrazyIvanCrazyIvan Rising Star
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    Actually, the more I read about this game in IGN and GameSpot, the more I think this game actually sounds pretty darn cool. There are a couple vids on IGN, as well. I think comparing it to GH and RB is easy to do, given that it's a rhythm game based on scrolling notes... but I don't think THQ is really trying to compete with Harmonix or RO on this one.

    I think it's a very unique take on the rhythm genre, based more on battles. I also think it's really frickin' cool that the song takes on an entirely different sound depending on who's winning. Like in the IGN vid... a rock band and a Latin band are facing off with Insane in the Brain. Depending on who's kickin' butt, the sound of the song switches between a Latin version and a rock version of the song. Pretty darn neat, if you ask me. Could make for some serious hilarity depending on the song.

    Also, if you look over the song selection for the game, you'll automatically stop comparing this to GH or RB. Completely different types of songs.

    So, as long as you don't take your rhythm gamin' too seriously, I think this game could be really frickin' fun. I'm excited for it, and I just learned this morning that it even existed.

    IGN Article
    GameSpot Article
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