Major bug: Rockband Rivals BROKE lefty drum switches for PRO mode



  • I have been having this problem for months playing RB3 on the 360 with the MIDI pro adapter, and I just finally picked up rivals today. I'm using the rivals kit till I can get my hands on a wired PDP adapter, and the problem is still there on the rivals kit in RB4. Luckily I've managed to learn to accept that if a song has red cymbal+green pads then I'm probably not gold starring or FCing it, although I still hope for a day when the game recognizes my skill for what it is B)

    I don't remember where, and I have no idea of it's accuracy, but I read a post a while back that said this was a glitch with how the game reads the signals the set is sending. According to this person, the set sends the actual pad "codes" and if you are playing on lefty mode, the game translates them back into right handed mode and then just mirrors the note track and colors on the screen. Somehow this causes the game to think you're either playing redundant notes or notes that don't exist so it drops them. Like how there is no red cymbal in righty mode, so if it didn't translate that correctly to a green cymbal then it would drop it.

    I have no idea if this is what's really going on, and I'm not a programmer so I don't know what it would take to fix this, but it would be really cool if they were able to change how the game translates lefty flip playing so it didn't have this problem.

    I have seen so many posts on this subject in the last several months that I'm surprised Harmonix hasn't tried to fix it just to shut all of us leftys up. I think I've invested way too much into this franchise to have to deal with a permanently broken experience on the only instrument I still play, despite continuing to play it anyway. :p
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    Still not fixed,come on harmonix!!! I have been a fan of harmonix since the first rock band. I've purchased all rock band games, ive bought 1,500 dlc, ive bought band in a box bundles for RB1,2 and 3, an e kit and to many accessories to name here. I don't name all this stuff to brag only to show how much joy harmonix has given me since 2008 that it's been worth the investment to a franchise I hold near and dear to my heart. We've been givin the same dang answer for months now that your looking into it. The least you could do is just tell us the truth that leftys are in the minority so no big hurry. Like another person mentioned if this was a right handed issue it would be fixed sooner than later. Sorry harmonix but I had to get this off my chest.
  • So another update/bug fix has passed us by and still nothing that fixes the lefty flip glitch on drums.

    Are HMX doing anything at all to fix this?

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