DLC Problems on PS4

I have over 900 pieces of DLC for Rock Band 4/Rock Band Rivals. Recently I upgraded my hard drive on my PS4 and have been wanting to redownload all of my DLC on my new hard drive, but have been unable to successfully download all of them. Today I have been able to download around 150-200 of my DLC and then an error occurs and it kicks me out of the Add-Ons section of the game hub. When I go back to the Add-Ons section the typical downward pointing arrow has been replaced with a plus (+) symbol along with three horizontal lines next to it. When I click on this icon it sends me to a pre-order page with what should have a count down, but it is blank. I have spoken with playstation support and followed all of their suggestions and the same issues occurs. They have said that it is a developer issue. I have been a supporter of Rock Band since the first game and have spent too much money on the DLC not to be able to use it when I want to. I would appreciate a proper solution to this issue so that I can enjoy the game. Thank you.


  • Try the Web store.
  • WolfsbaneWolfsbane Opening Act
    This happened to me recently. Now my only problem after using both the webstore and the rockband store is songs I've purchsed and sitting on my DLC list is unavailable. Disturbed pack 3 The rush pack with YYZ, Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood pack all don't have an option to download on either store even though they say purchsed
  • WolfsbaneWolfsbane Opening Act
    I had this exact problem. Used the stores (rb and psn) now there's about 20 or so that are still unavailble to download even though they were purchased.
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