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Hi, I apologize if this isn't the right place for this question, the only category available was Rock Band VR and I couldn't post if I didn't choose a category. I have a problem finding the songs I like and I can't find an answer or a discussion about the subject.

I'm new to Rock Band, just got my set this Christmas (2016), the problem I'm having is that most of the songs I want to play have been released on previous versions of Rock Band (RB 1,2,3). By watching YouTube videos and going to RockBand Database, I'm able to see some of those songs have come out, but when I go to the PS store, I can't find them.

How can I get these songs? If the answer is simply that I can't. Then is very crappy that you can't play a song you love and want just because you just started playing RB. How can you feel like a Rock Star if you can't play the songs that rock you!? I'm sure there most be a way to get some of these songs.

I would appreciate an answer from someone that really knows, from the Harmonix team.

Thank you.


  • 1. You can edit your post (top right corner) and change "Rock Band VR" to "Rock Band Support".

    2. I am not from Harmonix, but you are on the community forums, so I will answer your questions.

    3. Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2 & Lego Rock Band cannot be purchased because the "Export" licence's have expired.

    4. "Rock Band Rewind" is releasing some of the songs from the expired exports as DLC.

    5. Rock Band 3 is still available, but you need to own a copy of Rock Band 3 and play it on a 360/PS3. Calibrate & sync trophy. Then start Rock Band 4, enter the in-game store, enter the Exports section, select RB3, pay $15 and download.

    6. Some DLC song licence's have also expired, and they are known as "Delisted".

    7. Track Packs with unused codes are still available. ACDC, Country Track Pack, Song Pack 1 etc

    8. Song Pack 2 also contains a delisted track. "Snow (Hey Oh)" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    9. Keep an eye on the following thread.
  • Thank you very much qzstoryteller.
    Im glad to read your comment, at least is something.
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