TuleRune's Tiering Thread II Turbo

TuleRuneTuleRune Rising Star
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Oh my, that thread filled up pretty quick didn't it. Anyway, welcome to my second tiering thread. Here are the rules again.
  1. Rock Band 4 tiering standards. No keyboards or pro guitar, and any applicable keys will be assumed as part of the guitar chart.
  2. Lets go with 3 songs at a time for now, from several artists or just one if you prefer. I have plenty of free time so I should be able to stay on top of things.
  3. Songs should be ~20 minutes or less. Anything a little bit longer will probably be fine.
  4. All requests are welcome, although anything I find dodgy (AKA offensive/discriminatory lyrical content) will be avoided.
For all of the previous tiers, please consult the previous thread.


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