The Official "Share Your Score" Thread - Join In!

Hey Blitz community!

With the Rock Band Blitz servers back up and running, I wanted to continue the hype for us die hard Blitz fans by creating this post.

So I think it would be pretty cool if everyone who achieves a high score in Rock Band Blitz, posts about it here! Both Ps3 and Xbox scores are Welcome!

Lets keep this thread to mainly:

1. Personal Best score on a song (pics welcome :) )
2. High Scores using different power ups than usual
3. New placement on the Career Leaderboards

I personally am on Xbox, My Gamertag is: MadMassacre510

Have fun And Blitz on! :)


  • This is the score I just got to inspire this post lol Freedom Train - Lenny Kravitz #1 Xbox: 724,491

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    My best ever song of all time would be In Circles by Sunny Day Real Estate at #9 in the world. It is tied with Song About An Angel by Sunny Day Real Estate at #9 though I have more score points on Song About An Angel.
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    This is Song about an Angel and it's not that high of a score but that's because I don't like Lottery because I feel it to be too powerful. For this combo on this song I used Bottle Rockets, Super Bass and Bomb powerup. I only ever use Bottle rockets or Road Rage and Bomb with a super instrument that depends on the song.
  • zage1337zage1337 Rising Star
    Through the Fire and Flames: 1,805,915

    Probably the only notable score I have that's currently on the wiped leaderboards. I would post more if HMX ever restores the leaderboard scores on the song leaderboards.
  • This run just blew my mind, I've always loved this song! The funeral - Band of Horses #1 Xbox 1,065,894
  • Panic Attack - Dream Theater #1 Xbox 1,975.072

  • zage1337zage1337 Rising Star
    Wow that's higher than my Panic Attack score! Well done
  • zage1337 said:

    Wow that's higher than my Panic Attack score! Well done

    thanks bro, was it the pinball you used on your run? props to you i remember seeing your post a while back somewhere else of ur run.
  • Raining Blood - Slayer #1 Xbox 1,607,541

  • zage1337zage1337 Rising Star
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    Well I saw your VOD on Twitch and I'm not really impressed.

    There is hitting a note, lane swapping and hitting the second note by actually timing it right, and then there is spamming your controller like a lunatic. Try posting scores by doing the former instead of the latter. Anyone can get scores via turbo mashing.

    I stayed in Blitz Mode for nearly the whole song.

    Even Pinball requires more thought, timing, and skill, than pointlessly mashing your controller. Do what you want though, but a mashed score isn't something I would want to share in a thread.
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    Shine - Collective Soul #1 Cross Platform 1,913,117

  • Visions - Abnormality #1 Xbox 1,249,587

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