11 Free Tracks from Local Bands headed to Rock Band Rivals




    This meme should be displayed on every single page of the forums as a "hit to continue forward" page. LOL.
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    Are any of these bands on tour outside of Boston right now?
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    These free songs cost HMX $50-60K.
    I'm surprised it costs so much just to produce - that's about $5K per song..


    i just wanna know how they got those Beatles songs into their song list.
    Moe Pope, half of the Boston hip-hop duo STL GLD, is encouraged by Harmonix's sense of corporate responsibility.
    any relation to...?
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    Arcanon said:

    These songs weren't forced on you.

    HMXCrisis said:

    When the next update comes ,.... these songs WILL be coming with it.

    to really take the best of what Boston has to offer musically and kind of jam it down the collective throat of the 'Rock Band' audience,” Sussman said

    So while I still don't like these handbags, and many of you don't like the thing that is me not liking free handbags, it really is true that HMX are forcing their local acts on a worldwide audience. 24 in total so far that, like it or not, HMX have shoved into our handbag storage closets.

    I'm not happy with how HMX have done this. I wore the first batch without a grumble, but when this lot was announced I decided to speak up. I voice my disagreement here for this is the place to do so. It gets read, maybe even responded to by HMX, and they'll take note for future reference.
  • Your post is a tragedy. Just hide the songs and forget about them, letting the 99% of others who want these FREE tunes enjoy them.
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    Your post is a tragedy.

    aHAHAHAHAHaHaHa ha ha hahahaha ahaha...ahem. oh god ur so funneh. Seriously, how long did it take you to come up with THAT gem?

    Just hide the songs and forget about them, letting the 99% of others who want these FREE tunes enjoy them.

    point ------>

    your head
  • Of course these tracks are forced on you. I thought it was incredibly silly when someone said otherwise.

    But ALL of the disc tracks are forced on you. In 99% of cases you can safely avoid songs you don't like.

    You know what else is forced on you? Rock Shop items, arenas, and game modes.

    You know (currently) what is the one thing you can't avoid since it's random every time? Arenas.

    Man I really wish they would stop forcing me to download these arenas that I get stuck with from time to time. All I wanted was Rockudrama, some of the Rock Shop items, and some of these free songs.

    Hmx is a horrible company for doing this. How could they force this stuff on me at a great price. The horror.
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