Unable to Screenshot in RB4 on XB1?!?

I don't know if other people are also experiencing this but I doubled tapped the guide button as usual for bringing up the screen-shot/video-record options to appear, and No matter how many attempts or how quickly I hit did the input It would not grant me access to these options to allow me to take a screen shot of my post song stats I wanted to capture......

I called xbox support 3 times and was hung up on twice and not even helped the third time I called. I thought my problem might be the drums so I tried to do this on controller and still nothing. I signed out and launched another game signed in on controller and was able to do a screen-shot with no problem..... so I stayed signed in on controller and changed back over to RB4 and tried again to do another screen-shot but again, I was still NOT able to do ANY Screen-shots whatsoever. What the crap!


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    Yup, some games can't do screenshots/videos, and Rock Band 4 is one of them. It is intentional due to music licensing and whatnot. If you make a video clip in Fallout 4, it mutes your Pip-Boy radio since that plays licensed music as well.
  • Thanks hmxowl for your response. That explains the difficulties I was experiencing. Although I think that is stupid that you cannot do screenshots. I understand the video recording for the whole licence issues but snaping a picture of some great stats doesn't violate any licences as it's a still image of your progress, unless having the title of the song on the screen with your stats does fall under the license issue part of it..... I don't know but this is not the first time a game license has ruined something good! RIP MBU :(
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