Not getting Rock Band 4 (with Rivals) achievements unlocked since January 2017...? (Xbox One)

DoctorWaDoctorWa Unsigned
I am unable to get any Rock Band 4 (with Rivals) achievements since January, 2017...(Xbox One)

The last achievement that actually worked was:
Throne's Eye View
Reached Level 50.
Unlocked 1/4/2017

I have completed the requirements for:

Clothes to the Edge (I have bought all clothes and instruments available for purchase in the store...I assume that is over 150k...there is nothing left to buy)
Tour of Booty (I have earned over $200k on a single band with my only character)
No Bonus About It (I have played every set on tour..i.e. finished the entire tour)
One More Song (I have done this several times and nothing unlocks)
Set for Life (Play a 5-set show in "Play a Show" mode - I have dome this several times)

Any ideas, it seems I can't get any achievements to pop at all...? I also tried the remove your account and reset and re-download account and it didn't help...

Fast Learner (Where is the BASIC guitar tutorial, it's not an option in training?)

Thank you,...


  • DoctorWaDoctorWa Unsigned
    Does Harmonix tech support actually read these messages or should I inquire elsewhere?
  • DoctorWaDoctorWa Unsigned
    Well, We had a power outage and it crashed my xbox one while it was on (and everything else in the house)...AND...when it booted back up and I launched RB some of the missing achievement sequentially popped...LOL...didn't get Tour of Booty or Cloths to the edge automatically...but maybe if I earn some more $ on tour and see if I can buy an item as a girl character (got everything otherwise)...the achievements seem to work now anyway. =D
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