Which Controllers?

edited March 2017 in Rock Band VR
I've read a few things here and there but don't think I've seen the official statement here - what controllers will be supported for Rock Band VR at launch? I currently have the Ion Drum Rocker USB drumset that I used on the 360 with RB 1-3. Awesome kit and I really hope to get to still use it. I also have a standard wireless X360 guitar and the wireless Matcatz bass (acts just like a guitar, just bigger). Oh and of course the mic and I also have the small keyboard that was introduced with Rock Band (or whatever version it finally came out with).

I really only care about my Ion Rocker drumkit and guitar, the bass and keyboard would just be a small bonus. Oh and I do have a wireless Xbox360 USB adapter for my PC and all the devices are seen by Windows and are sending input just fine.




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