All but Rock Band 2 will import.. Help please

I have been online with Microsoft Tech for hours trying different things. I think I have tried all resolves listed here also. I still can't get the import of Rock band 2 to import to 4. The only thing that shows up in Rock Band 2 song list is Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas, I downloaded it from the RB 4 store. I have searched the store for the RB2 songs to manually download with no luck. I could use any help in this matter.


  • First of all, did you export rock band 2 to rock band 3? If you didn't, you can't buy the export anymore. Second of all, did you check in your ready to install section?
  • Yes I exported 2 to 3. And yes I checked in my ready to install section.
  • Did you buy the export on the same account? That would help entitle you to the export.
  • Sure did. I wonder if uninstalling RB4 would help. I've been an Xbox guy for years. I'm also one of the testers and devs. This is the only problem I've had so far. Just can't figure it out. I have RB2 and RB3 still installed on my old 360 right next to the one. I have imported everything on it. Just can't figure the glitch out.
  • Tried the uninstall, then reinstall that didn't bring RB2 in either.
  • Guess no one has an answer for me. What a bummer...........:{
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