Will there be any updates for Harmonix VR? Track Selection Update, please.

Hello, First off, I want to thank you for one of my all time favorite video gaming experiences. Sharing Harmonix VR with new people is one of the best things I get to do as a PSVR owner. It is so great to be able to import my own music and music that friends love to experience.

I own a recording studio, and it is REALLY fun recording with an artist, and then immediately putting their music into The Beach or The Trip and letting them SEE their music like never before. It is FANTASTIC.

There are a few things that I would LOVE to see implemented, and really hope that Harmonix might be working on a new update for the PSVR.

The main thing the kind of drives me a bit batty has nothing to do with the actual experience, but selecting tracks in the beginning of each mode. Can you please think about updating the way the scroll bar works. Currently, when you click on the small arrows at the top and bottom of the scroll bar, it moves one spot at a time, and if you click in the box within the scroll bar, and hold down it goes very quickly through everything, and if you just click in the long scroll bar, it goes to that spot. It would be so nice if when you click within the long bar it would just move up or down a page of titles instead of cutting all the way up or down the list. I have a lot of tracks that I've imported, and there is no easy way to scroll through music without it jumping drastically down the list.

For example, when you just open any browser in windows, when you click within a scroll bar, it just goes down to the next part you haven't read, not to the very bottom of the entire page.

Also if you could make the arrows that go up or down one entry a bit larger, it would make things easier, as well. If you are going one by one, and you just happen to move your pointer too high and click in the long bar, all of a sudden you are at the bottom of the list of tracks.

In general, the scrolling through tracks is frustrating because of the speed of cycling through it all. Need to slow it down a bit.

It would also be great to be able to hide the demo tracks that come with Harmonix VR. I've checked them all out, but the best thing about this is using your own music, and I may not want all of the items you include in my list.

Also, please add the SAVE feature at the end of an Easel experience. I sometimes forget, and those masterpieces are lost forever.

One last thing... please... please... PLEASE let me experience going inside the Volcano on The Beach! I want to see Fire in action. The lanterns are cool, but I want to see flames dancing!!

Keep up the great work. I hope you have cool plans for this in the future.


  • BTW... I would happily pay more for expanding packs for Harmonix VR. It is totally worth the price as it is, and I want more!!
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