I need some help connecting my wireless drums to my computer?

Okay, I know all about RB4 and it's issues, but I got the band in the box for Christmas. Now, the guitar plays just fine for me, it's the drums that need the firmware update.

I'm on a PC with windows 7, so no bluetooth. I bought a bluetooth adapter. I connected and dl'd the adapter's stuff, it shows up on my computer. I clicked add a device, and it adds the drums to the computer/bluetooth, installed the drivers, etc. The drums show up in my devices window, but when I go and bring up the firmware updates, it always stalls on the screen telling me to connect my drums to the computer, it never gets to the part where it downloads the update.

Obviously, I am doing something wrong, or my bluetooth adapter is not keeping a connection with the drums. Which I think is more likely since the bluelight on my drums goes off but my computer still shows the drums as connected when I look at the drum properties on the pc.

Is it because I'm using a generic BT? These are the details listed on Amazon for the one I got: Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter, Costech Gold Plated Micro Dongle 33ft/10m Compatible with Windows 10,8.1/8,7,Vista, XP, 32/64 Bit for Desktop , Laptop, computers.

I'd appreciate any help.


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    1. Are they MadCatz or PDP Drums?
  • I tried updating the guitar (which works fine) with the firmware and I'm getting the same results- although it never loses connectivity, unlike the drums. It just doesn't want to update the instruments.

    Can someone recommend a bluetooth adapter that they know works with the instruments? Like I said before I'm running a desktop, windows 7, 64 bit.
  • I just thought I'd leave one last message, idk if anyone mods or closes threads here. Or if anyone else runs into the same issues with their new instruments, this might be useful.

    First off, Qzstoryteller, they were PDP instruments. Thanks for your help.

    I have come to find out that Rock Band Rivals is PDP, and PDP doesn't have a firmware update, so no need for an adapter. I was confused because when they show up on my PS4 and computer it was always as Mad Cats controllers. That's not something I really want to think about now though.

    Long story short, I'm returning them for new instruments since the drums aren't working right.
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