Rock Band VR's Final Setlist and First DLC Reveal [Discussion Thread]



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    PART 2

    Europe - The Final Countdown - Freaking love this song; it's goofy and cheesy, and yet at the same time is actually pretty awesome still. Here's hoping to see it as a Rewind track.

    Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way - This song was pretty fun in RB2, so not too surprised to see it here, too. Fleetwood Mac is sort of hit-and-miss with me (I actually ironically prefer Stevie Nicks solo), but this one is actually one of my favorites of theirs.

    Foo Fighters - Everlong - This is going to be a very controversial opinion, but... this song is pretty boring. I get it's a big hit, but it just meanders into verse and chorus without really making a big impact (at least to me, who listens to lots of stuff that people may consider "too f***ing noisy"). I personally would have gone with "Monkey Wrench," since that one at least has iconic guitar lines and is more high-energy.

    Ghost - Cirice Speaking of controversial opinions, I'm not usually a fan of Ghost's sound. In fact, I find it weird that metalheads tend to hail this band as this amazing, earth-shattering band, when most of their music sounds like it was slowed down and turned into pop music (in fact, listening to them at double speed is actually much more fun). THAT SAID, this song has really grown on me a bit, and I've grown to like it the same way I like "Kiss from a Rose:" namely, I know it's a rather sappy, overly-dramatic love ballad, but it's very catchy and fun. So here's hoping to see it in RB4.

    The Go-Go's - We Got the Beat - This also probably wouldn't have been a pick I'd make for a strictly guitar-driven game, but then again I guess every game needs it's easier songs. That said, this song is pretty good, so there's that.

    Green Day - Holiday - Probably not what I'd pick from Green Day for a guitar-driven game (even if it's one of their biggest, most well-known songs), mostly because at least I associated this song more with it's catchy vocals than it's guitar line (even if it's guitar line is also catchy). That said, it's still a pretty great song, even if something like "Brain Stew/Jaded" would have technically been a better fit for a game highlighting guitar (at least in my opinion).

    The Hunna - You & Me - Eh. It's not the worst indie-pop I've ever heard, but also not something I'd ever listen to on my own free time. It's pretty forgettable and slightly annoying, honestly, even if it at least sounds like it'd be a fun beginner song on guitar.

    Jimmy Eat World - The Middle - Now this is a good choice for a guitar-centric game. It's a pop-influenced alternative song still, but it's got a fun guitar line and a pretty challenging (and even iconic) guitar solo. This is another one I hope to see as a Rewind track.

    Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation - Probably won't be the most fun guitar song, but it's very popular, and a damn good song to boot. I much prefer punk Joan Jett over pop-anthem Joan Jett (looking at you, "I Love Rock and Roll").

    Kaleo - Glass House - This sort of reminds me of a mix of "Ain't Messin' 'Round" by Gary Clark Jr. and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet. It's alright, even if the chorus sort of does the "ba ba da" sort of thing I'm not a big fan of. Guitar sounds like it'll be fun, so it'd be cool to see as RB4 DLC.

    The Killers - When You Were Young - Honest question, why is it that so many guitar-centric games have this song with more keys in it than guitar? GH3 had it, GH:L had it, and now this game. The Killers have more guitar-centric songs out there ("Mr. Brightside" has a very well-known guitar line, and "Somebody Told Me" is pretty fun in RB4. There are no RB4 repeats in this setlist, which is kinda weird when you think about it), so it's kinda odd to see this one used yet again, when if anything the vocals and keyboard lines are much more prominent through most of the song.

    Kings of Leon - Use Somebody - Another song I'm surprised we haven't seen in the main series yet. We have other Kings of Leon songs, yet this, arguably their most well-known song, isn't here yet. I imagine it's probably not the most fun thing on the planet to play, but the vocals do sound like they'd be fun to sing, so here's hoping for it on RB4.

    Maroon 5 - Maps - Not the worst modern Maroon 5 song I've heard (it certainly ain't no "Sugar") though I'm still not entirely a fan of it (especially the "you's" in the chorus, those slides are kind of grating). My question is, why haven't we gotten "Harder to Breathe" yet? Sure, it's older, but I feel that'd fit both a guitar-centric game, and a band-centric game much better than a lot of these newer Maroon 5 songs.

    Megadeth - Hanger 18 - This one is great on guitar, so makes perfect sense to put here. The thing is, a lot of Megadeth songs are great on guitar, so it's odd to see a GH2 repeat here (even if it's one of their more well-known songs). I personally probably would have gone for "Tornado of Souls," "Five Magics" or "Rust In Peace... Polaris" from this album, though again this is probably the biggest song on this album. At the very least it isn't newer Megadeth, so I'm happy for that.

    Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait - I'm not really a fan of this band at all; I'm not really a fan of the sort of mix of bluegrass and indie that they do. Weirdly enough, "The Wolf" is the one song I've heard from them that I like at all, even if I only like that one a little bit. However, this song sounds like it'd be rather challenging on guitar, so I get why it's here in this guitar-centric game. I'm hoping for an RB4 port of this one, if only because banjo on 5-lane guitar is usually rather fun, even if usually also rather challenging.

    Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Another really good pick for this game, considering how big this song is, and how fun it is on guitar. Don't know if I can really add anything to that, it's a great song and should be fun to play with the new mechanics.

    Oasis - Champagne Supernova - Lots of people are excited for this song, but IDK, I'm kinda left bored. I get that it's meant to be the big, epic build-up of an album closer, but despite actually having a sense of build-up, I just got kinda bored with this one. Can't really explain it, since it has elements that I really like, but something about the production just feels a bit underwhelming to me. It also doesn't help that it's the same verse and chorus over and over. I guess chalk this under my list of "controversial opinions." That said, I do hope it comes to RB4, because it sounds fun on guitar, and it's definitely a big song.

    OneRepublic - Counting Stars - Weirdly enough, I find myself liking my song a little; not a lot, mind you, but it's better than a lot of radio pop. It's rather catchy, and sounds fun on vocals. I'm hoping this one makes it over to RB4.

    Paramore - Ain't It Fun - This song is very, very okay. It's not the worst song in the world, but it certainly isn't the best. Post-reunion Paramore just bores me in general. I like their more punk-influenced stuff much more than this sort of light pop-rock. That said, this should be a good inclusion for fans of post-reunion Paramore, and I hope it comes to RB4 so those folks can have this available.
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    PART 3

    Parks - Sweater Weather - *totes not "Sweater Weather" by The Neighborhood* I actually do like this better than the more well-known The Neighborhood song. That said, it's also far from my favorite song on this setlist. It's fast-paced and fun indie, sure, but parts of it also remind me of the sort of stock music used in indie comedy movie trailers (you know, the light, xylophone-heavy elevator music-type-stuff that isn't really all that exciting). That said, it'd be cool to see on RB4 as well.

    Pearl Jam - Alive - This was one of the most fun guitar songs in RB2, so not at all surprised to see it here, too (I know I've said that already about another song, but same applies, so eh). Pretty much most of the Ten album would have been great, and I'd have preferred either Garden or Black if I were getting this game, but Alive is also much more well known, so it makes perfect sense.

    Pierce the Veil - Circles - The intro scared me, because it almost sounded like it was gonna be crunkcore, but... Pierce the Veil is skate punk now? Didn't see that coming. I dig this, actually, I like the 2000's skate punk/emo feel to this. This is quite the different direction than I would have expected from this band, but I actually appreciate it, since I missed this sort of sound.

    The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless is one of those bands I should like, but for whatever reason I can't really get into it. Like, woman-lead hard rock with a sort of alt-rock edge sounds like something I should be into, but for whatever reason I just can't get into it. It's not really bad, but it's sort of middle-of-the-road. This song oddly reminds me of old Guns 'n' Roses in parts, though others sound weirdly twangy. I get the appeal I guess, but this is the sort of hard-rock that I'm just sort of "meh" about.

    Rage Against the Machine - Testify - Rather odd choice for this, seeing how this song is mostly inconsistent tremolo picking that isn't really all that fun to play. I'd have picked "Killing in the Name" if we were to have a repeat, though they still have big songs that have yet to be seen in Rock Band, such as "Renegades of Funk" and "Know Your Enemy." This song is still pretty good musically, but for a guitar-centric song, it just seems like an odd choice.

    Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated - Probably wouldn't be most people's first choice for a Ramones song, but it's an alright beginner's song. I imagine this one would be made a bit more fun with the new mechanics, so it works out. Song itself is good, though I'll admit The Ramones are one of those bands that I like their contributions to music more than the actual music itself.

    Rush - Freewill (Vault Edition) - This is probably my favorite of the whole setlist. Please, PLEASE bring this to RB4! I need to play this on 5-lane guitar.

    The Shelters - Rebel Heart - Not my thing. I don't know how to put it without sounding overly critical, but I really, really find this sort of cheesy, psuedo-bluesy, twangy indie rather annoying to listen to. The vocals are also pretty annoying, invoking the sort of baby-like accent and almost redneck-like delivery that so many indie singers do nowdays that drives me absolutely bonkers.

    Spirit Kid - To My Romeo - I can't find this specific song, so gonna have to wait until it either comes out on their Bandcamp, on other streaming services, or whenever someone uploads a video of the song in-game. I can't be arsed to just listen to another song by this band, since I don't want to get the wrong idea if I listen to some older song that doesn't represent the sound of this one very well.

    The Starting Line - Quitter - I'm liking this theme of 2000's-sounding pop-punk-like-stuff. Even if this one seems rather light and poppy, and even has the kind of "oohs" common in indie pop, I still dig it. It's got a fun sort of energy about it that makes it easy to listen to. Hoping this one also makes it to RB4.

    Stone Temple Pilots - Plush - I actually rather like this song, and it's one of my favorites of RB3, despite usually liking Stone Temple Pilot's more aggressive stuff.

    Survivor - Eye of the Tiger - This is a rather big song with an iconic guitar line (sorry I keep using the word "iconic" as if I were an Ubisoft employee, I just don't know what other words to say for these really well-known and well-liked things), so makes sense to include it.

    Switchfoot - Float - Oh Jebus, this can't be the same Switchfoot that wrote "Meant to Live," can it? This song is... well, it's everything I dislike about modern radio indie. The production is "too" polished while simultaneously feeling sort of empty, the vocals are weak and amateurish, the songwriting is more poppy than a lot of pop music, and it just feels so insincere to me. It feels like a bunch of folks getting together and just trying to emulate their favorite funk, blues, and electronic artists all at once, without any of the soul of any of it. So this is a hard pass from me.

    The Temper Trap - Alive - Having two songs on-disc called "Alive" may be a bit confusing for some folks :p This song is alright, I like the sort of spacey feel to it, and the minor key here gives it a bit more of an "edge" that works well here. Kind of odd to see here, though, seeing how as far as I can tell, the song is actually more bass-driven than guitar-driven, especially during the bridge. Here's hoping it comes to RB4 as well.

    Tracy Bonham - Mother Mother - Had an "oh that song!" moment here. The song sort of starts off rather slow, but the chorus builds up rather well, and I love the part where she switches between soulful chorus singing and sudden angry screaming (reminds me of an alt-rock version of the surf-music-and-then-suddenly-grindcore section of "Danger in the Manger" by iwrestledabearonce).

    Twin Atlantic - I Am Alive - This song is mostly pretty cool, but the vocals sound just a tad too soft during the choruses, ruining what is otherwise a surprisingly catchy, yet heavy alt-rock song. The bridge was also a bit disappointing, seeing how the rest of the song is built around this "big" sounding production. Still sounds like a fun song to play, though, so hoping to see it in RB4.

    Van Halen - Panama - This song is very meh. It was very meh in RB4, and I was wondering why this instead of something like "Jump" or "Hot for Teacher." I guess it's a very popular song and all, but IDK, something about it just sort of bores me that I can't put into words. It's not a terrible song or anything, it's just sort of middle-of-the-road.

    Weezer - Say It Ain't So - Probably wouldn't have been my first Weezer choice (that would have been "My Name Is Jonas") but I get it's a big song. Big enough to warrant a stigma amongst RB1 players with it being picked over and over and over. It's still a pretty good song, though.

    The Wind and the Wave - Grand Canyon - Maybe a bit too "indie" for me, but it's at least got some fun energy about it. Maybe this is one of those songs that'd grow on me over time. Sounds like a fun full-band song, so this one may be fun to have on RB4.

    The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again - This one's a pretty good inclusion, though with the long break with just synth and the drum solo, I probably wouldn't have thought this to be my personal first choice for a guitar-only game. Still an awesome song that definitely fits as on-disc material to a music game.
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    So overall, I'd say this setlist is rather solid. There's quite a bit I'd love to see on RB4, though maybe it's a bit heavy on the indie stuff. There's also a lot of variety here despite that, including some good metal picks, some good prog rock picks, and finally some freaking punk rock. I'm hoping to see this stuff come over to RB4.

    (Also I wasn't expecting this post to take so many parts, geeze. Guess that's what happens when you try to write a paragraph for 60 different songs)
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    akuiken98 said:

    Pierce the Veil - Circles - The intro scared me, because it almost sounded like it was gonna be crunkcore

    Whoa, I must check this.
    Edit: well, maybe...
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    akuiken98 said:

    When you were talking about Stone Temple Pilots-Plush, you said you would like to see Them Bones from them. Did you mean Alice In Chains?

    I did, I got my grunge bands confused. :p
    Wildcat15 said:

    akuiken98 said:

    Pierce the Veil - Circles - The intro scared me, because it almost sounded like it was gonna be crunkcore

    Whoa, I must check this.
    Edit: well, maybe...
    It's worth noting that they were quoting me with that one, that was my comment not theirs :p
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    BachiG said:

    Witticus said:

    It is rarer, but it's also pretty rare for a band to change their singer and then replace the singer without either becoming an entirely new band or one that fans agree on. So a lot of times bands sputter out after switching singers.

    Or drummers. Nobody wants to go,see their favorite band if it's not the original drummer. ...right?
    well, it would've been kinda weird to see Fleetwood Mac or the Dave Clark Five with a different drummer.

    also, it's kinda funny that the J. Geils Band kept touring without J. Geils.
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    , Marillion,

    Post Fish Marillion.. good stuff, but it just doesn't work as well for me. I'm sort of the same with with non Tommy Shaw Styx or non Dickenson Maiden. Those guys really defined the band's sound.

    Although I think I'm one of the 5 people that actually liked Gary Cherone Van Halen
    I never gave that Cherone VH album much of a listen, maybe I will give it a go sometime..

    I actually liked the John Corabi Mötley Crüe album, so I guess it deserves a fair shot.
    Cherone was great singing the old songs live, and unfairly gets the blame for VH3, but the album is pretty much meh. Did not help they made a very poor choice with the initial single.

    Corabi's Crue album, on the other hand, is excellence. It is a shame that bands who bring their earlier singer back tend to completely ignore anything they did in the interim.
  • tnevaker said:

    so, i guess this means there are no big new "gets" for this game a la Elvis/U2/Van Halen. all the new bands are '10 bands (except Tracy Bonham) and none are what i think anyone would consider a big new artist to come to the game. and of the new songs from returning artists, i dunno, maybe Use Somebody or Champagne Supernova is probably the biggest, and that's not exactly like seeing the return of the Rolling Stones or Muse.

    this would be a pretty great setlist if all the good songs hadn't already been available previously. that's cool for the handful of people who end up buying this game, not so much for those of us just hoping the game would pull in some cool new DLC for RB.

    and i initially thought the "first DLC reveal" was going to be which songs from the VR soundtrack would become available as DLC in RB4, but that was silly of me. since nobody in this thread is actually buying this game, let alone the DLC for it, i think we'd all be a lot more interested in finding out what the first songs from the VR soundtrack would be coming to the game we actually do play.

    it's cool to see Blondfire on the soundtrack, i really liked them back when they were called Astaire. hope that song makes it as RB4 DLC. same for Band of Horses, hope we see their RBN songs come back at some point. also looking forward to Mother Mother and Use Somebody when and if they make it to RB4 as well.

    so, who's gonna be the first to start sporting a #TeamRockYouLikeAHurricane avatar? those things have been having a pretty good track record lately...

    Every party has to have a pooper...
  • tnevakertnevaker Road Warrior
    if you don't have a pooper, you'll get pretty backed up.
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    I read a review. Sounds like lots of fun, especially for people that have long been hooked on rhythm games.
    I would 100% definitely buy this if I already had an Oculus.
    I would almost certainly buy an Oculus if I already owned a computer capable of handling it
    I've gone from a 2% to 12% likelihood of someday splurging on a computer capable of handling it.
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    (There are no RB4 repeats in this setlist, which is kinda weird when you think about it)

    Actually, there is. "Panama" is the only one (odd how you said this and then acknowledged "Panama" was from RB4 later). I enjoyed reading your thoughts, though, since I'm likely not going to listen to all of these new songs, so it's nice to see a summary of them here.
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    (There are no RB4 repeats in this setlist, which is kinda weird when you think about it)

    Actually, there is. "Panama" is the only one (odd how you said this and then acknowledged "Panama" was from RB4 later). I enjoyed reading your thoughts, though, since I'm likely not going to listen to all of these new songs, so it's nice to see a summary of them here.
    Oh wow, you're right. IDK how that slipped :p
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    No worries, haha :p Also, it's worth noting that you said you "couldn't be arsed" to listen to another Spirit Kid song when you actually already know one. Their song "Flytrap" was used as menu music in Rock Band 3 (just the instrumental of it, though). It probably ranks among my favorites of the menu songs, so I'm curious what you think of this one. It just got released as a single on Wednesday, so you might want to make that a sort of addendum to your thoughts. I might even take a listen to it myself since I enjoy "Flytrap".
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    Listened to "To My Romeo," and I will say it's an alright song. It's definitely one of the better indie songs in the game. It's rather catchy, and reminds me a bit of 2000's pop-rock, which is something I enjoy.
  • GLaDOSGLaDOS Opening Act
    I do have to say, as someone who doesn't really care for Band of Horses, "Casual Party" has become quite the earworm, really hope that one makes it over! It's made me want to give their older stuff another chance cause I find myself humming this new track at work all the time now.
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