Shuffled decks?

Delibird444Delibird444 Opening Act
The Twitch stream the other day has me completely stoked to play this with my family, but I have one big question:

Let's say we're in a party environment, and we have the standard deck of 60 cards. Is it okay to just shuffle and deal the deck into two random sets of 30, or will that completely break the game or make it impossible to win?

Looking forward to more videos and streams on some of the more technical card game aspects of this. INTEREST: PIQUED.


  • Odin ForceOdin Force Road Warrior
    Hey buddy.

    From everything we've seen, it seems like everything would be fine. The game would read the cards and you'd play using those.

    That said, picking up random cards could lead to a color imbalance, level imbalance, or maybe just things that don't sound as awesome together (tho, so far it all seems solid).

    I could be wrong, though.
  • Delibird444Delibird444 Opening Act
    You're right, that's sort of what I'm wondering, if that imbalance would make it too hard/impossible to win or play. I guess we need to see more gameplay? :smiley:
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