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Based on the Livestream video, I've compiled some information and I'm making some guesses. Expect this to evolve over time as we learn more about the game.

It seems that the 15 card decks generally follow this pattern: 1 wild card, 2 yellow vocals cards, 4 red guitar cards, 4 blue beat cards, 2 green keys cards, and finally 2 white FX cards. This seems to hold true for at least three of the four core decks: Sweets (pop), Highness (hip-hop), Controller (electronic), and the Blade (rock). The numbering on cards places the wild card first and seems to have the rest fall in the order above. Also, it seems as though cards do not always simply follow that, for example, red is guitar, as Run DMC, Sia, Cake, and Tiny Taps break this convention (as do others).

Spoilers available as a GoogleSheet here. Feel free to comment.

Bruno Mars - 24K Magic (L2 Wild)
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (L2 Yellow Vocals)
Sia - Chandelier (L3 Yellow Vocals)
Ricky Martin - La Mordidita (L1 Red Guitar)
Chvrches - The Mother We Share (L2 Red Guitar)
Sia - Chandelier (L2 Red Keys)
Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass (L3 Red Guitar)
Freda Turner - Hard Lights (L1 Blue Beat)
??? (L1 Blue)
Chvrches - The Mother We Share (L2 Blue Beat)
??? (L3 Beat)
Sam Hunt - House Party (L2 Green Keys)
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (L3 Green Keys)
Lift Your Voice (L2 FX) - Play an extra vocals card
Clear Your Mind (L2 FX) - Clear a random card

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (L2 Wild)
The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (L2 Vocals)
A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario (L3 Yellow Vocals)
??? (L1 Guitar)
Run DMC - It's Tricky (L2 Red Guitar)
Flo Rida - I Don't Like It, I Love It (L3 Red Guitar)
??? (L1 Beat)
??? (L2 Beat)
Run DMC - It's Tricky (L3 Blue Beat)
A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario (L2 Green Keys)
The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (L3 Green Keys)
Flame Out (L2 FX) - +1 point for each Blue
Roll Up (L3 FX) - Draw a card

Skrillex - Bangarang (L2 Wild)
Chainsmokers - Closer (L2 Yellow Vocals)
Jason DeRulo - Want You Want Me (L3 Yellow Vocals)
Tiny Taps - Dead Metrocard (L1 Red Keys)
Afrojack - Take Over Control (L3 Red Guitar)
James Landino (L1 Blue Beat)
??? - (L1 Beat)
Afrojack - Take Over Control (L2 Blue Beat)
Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (L3 Blue Beat)
??? - (L2 Keys)
LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It (L3 Green Keys)
Assert Order (L2 FX) - 2 bonus points if in green spot
Embrace Chaos (L2 FX) - Take 2 points from opponent

THE BLADE (seems to be incomplete in the video)
Disturbed - Down with the Sickness (L2 Wild)
Ed Sheeran - Sing (L3 Yellow Vocals)
Ed Sheeran - Sing (L1 Red Guitar)
Cake - Short Skirt. Long Jacket (L2 Red Horns)
Weezer - King of the World (L3 Red Guitar)
New Metal Drums (L1 Blue Beat)
Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket (L2 Blue Beat)
??? - (L3 Beat)
Fall Out Boy - Centuries (L2 Green Keys)
??? - (L3 Keys)
The Heartless One (L2 FX) - Clear all opponent's Blue cards.
Strings of Fate (L2 FX) - Play an extra guitar card.

The first set after these has a roller skate as a symbol and includes Jackson 5 - I Want You Back.
Another set has a space helmet (think Daft Punk) as a symbol and includes keys to Chainsmokers - Closer.


  • Delibird444Delibird444 Opening Act
    I didn't even notice that Centuries was a card... HOO BOY.

    I also wonder why Ed Sheeran is in Blade and not Sweets... probably based on the guitar alone?
  • The latest stream (5/8/17) revealed a vocals card for Chvrches - The Mother We Share, in a new playlist deck with a Ghost icon, called "Puff". It was also revealed in chat that Earth, Wind, and Fire - September wildcard is in a playlist called "Seer". They're keeping us on our toes with these reveals.
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