DropMix Questions

Odin ForceOdin Force Road Warrior
Feel free to add any questions about the game here. I'll try to update this with answers as we go.

In constructing a deck, surely there must exist construction rules. For example, it would seem ridiculous if one could load their deck with entirely wild cards. What deck constrictions and options exist?

Different colors (red, yellow, blue, green), levels (1-3), and symbols (guitar, beat, keys, vocals, loop) exist. What will make cards that have the same of these different other than the music they provide? For example, what makes the Sweets level 3 yellow vocals card Sia - Chandelier any different mechanically than the Controller level 3 yellow vocals card Jason DeRulo - Want You Want Me?

What are the 16th "bonus cards" that we may see in Playlist packs?

We have vocals in the game. Any plans to have harmonies as a type of vocal available?

One cool idea for a mode is a competitive free styling mode, where an audience selects who is turning out the better mix. Could something like this- or an audience mode- be added to the game?

Next time Josh asks for the iPad, can @HMXOwl be required to turn and wave to the camera?


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