March Update No-Fail bug

I'm not sure that this is on purpose, but when i logged in today to play Rock Band 4 on the Xbox One i played a few songs without noticing that my No-Fail setting was turned on. I never turned it on and my scores were still getting posted to the leaderboards even though i was doing terrible. I play on Expert Pro Drums with the standard RB4 drum kit and cymbals so it's normal for me to fail really hard songs but now with this bug, i can do every song with No-Fail on and still get a leaderboard post.

This Should probably be fixed if it is a bug otherwise you're going to see a lot of low scoring Expert Leaderboard posts.


  • Having the "No Fail" option on, has never stopped scores posting to Leaderboards, in RB4.
  • If that is the case, then please disregard this. I've never needed No-Fail on and thus assumed that it was a bug since it was on when i played after the update. Having No-Fail on shouldn't count towards leaderboards though.
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    Have you played online at all? I know in RB3 if you play online and no-fail is turned on, it propagates to all the bandmates and stays on. Maybe RB4 does the same thing?
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