The History of Rock Band DLC

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I was inspired by what Rocksmith did for their 1000th DLC song to go back and look through the history of Rock Band DLC and here are the songs that came out at these monumental times (Note: this only includes Official DLC releases and Rival songs)

1st “Fortunate Son”- Creedence Cleerwater Revival Wavegroup edition November 20th 2007

100th “It Hurts”- Angels & Airwaves May 6th 2008

200th “Clouds Over California”- DevilDriver August 12th 2008

300th “I Don’t Care”- Fall Out Boy November 4th 2008

400th “Entangled”- Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives January 13th 2009

500th “Roll with the Changes”- REO Speedwagon April 21st 2009

600th “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse”- The Black Dahlia Murder July 7th 2009

700th “The Fixer”- Pearl Jam September 20th 2009

800th “Sulfur”- Slipknot December 8th 2009

900th “Seven Nation Army”- The White Stripes March 9th 2010

1000th “Minerva”- Deftones June 8th 2010

1100th “No Woman, No Cry”- Bob Marley and the Wailers September 21st 2010

1200th “Oh Yoko!”- John Lennon November 23rd 2010

1300th “Kaya”- Bob Marley and the Wailers February 8th 2011

1400th “Welcome to the Family”- Avenged Sevenfold June 14th 2011

1500th “Single White Female”- Cheryl Wright November 8th 2011

1600th “Smooth”- Santana ft. Rob Thomas March 20th 2012

1700th “Wrong Way” Sublime October 29th 2012

1800th “Kids in the Street”- All-American Rejects March 5th 2013

1900th “My Wave”- Soundgarden January 19th 2016

2000th “Everything You Want”- Vertical Horizon August 16th 2016

2100th “Danger Zone”- Kenny Loggins March 16th 2017


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