DLC Discussion Thread: Kaleo and New Order!



  • Well my reasoning about wanting 1 paid DLC + 2 disc isn't to do with the paying structure anyway, I get that DLC as spotlight gains extra DLC sales for HMX and that helps them. For me it's mostly that RB4 has a fantastic setlist and by going further into DLC territory I feel the setlist isn't getting the love it deserves.

    In any case it seems the next challenge will be community created.

  • tdc002tdc002 Road Warrior

    They can't keep cycling the same disc songs forever. One of these days they're probably going to make all three spotlight songs DLC. If they use any broken entitlements, they can just swap out songs like when they used a broken rewind song.

    They still have most of the Boston area bands they could include. They're all part of the Rivals update technically, so they're the same as disc songs.
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