DLC to RB4 - (SIEE - Ozzy, 2112; Xbox - Fleetwood singles; SIEA - Spinal Tap)


  • SideshowNSideshowN Rising Star
    Grabbed the 2 missing Fleetwood Mac songs from my ready to install section. Thanks for more delisted songs.
  • dinomandinoman Rising Star
  • The two missing Fleetwood Mac songs (World Turning and Don't Stop) both showed up.

    Assuming Xbox...
    Yes, I just checked ready to install and there were 3 songs (Don't Stop, World Turning, Enjoy the Silence).
    Glad to see we are finally making progress on getting the delisted content sorted. I think Don't Stop was the only one I had missing. Who-hoo!
  • TheStuddzTheStuddz Lil Rascal
    My Fleetwood is back?! Heck yes!!! Thanks again Harmonix, I still have a few songs missing, but everything I really care about (outside of RBN) is now playable in RB4. Huge accomplishment.
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