Streaming takes hit. . .



  • EmalytheEmalythe Rising Star
    This is a tangent, but can any of you recommend external capture cards for streaming that won't introduce too much lag? Most use HDMI inputs and have no separate optical or analog audio in and outputs.
  • tdc002 said:

    It's the same reason you could never record video of RB4. I believe streaming was never allowed on PS4 to begin with for the same reason (or maybe you could stream w/o audio? Any PS4 user wanna clarify?)

    Steaming on PS4 works just fine. Both audio and video.

  • EmalytheEmalythe Rising Star
    Thanks for the reply.

    That doesn't introduce audio lag? I've always had problems, especially with drums and vocals, using audio from hdmi. I currently use optical audio out from my Xbox to my sound system.
  • GLaDOSGLaDOS Opening Act
    So on the dashboard right now there is a Rock Band 4 ad that links to a Beam stream... maybe support is coming in the future?

  • ZenzukiZenzuki Unsigned
    Say whaaaaa?

    Imahafta check that out!

    And while the Twitch thing through the dashboard is actually working out nicely since the update, I'm really wanting to get into Chromakeying my streams so, it looks like I'm back to streaming through the computer.

    Wonder if there's an option in beam that supports key? hmmm
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