I've successfully connected my drum pads to fl studio as a midi controller using a Bluetooth compatible laptop with NO LAG. I've ran into some issues that prevent the user from enjoying these drums as a quality midi controller: (PLEASE HELP)

1. No Velocity Sensitivity
- After syncing the drum pads to my computer via bluetooth, i configured the drums to act as a typing keyboard using Xpadder which transmits into MIDI in FL STUDIO (typing keyboard to piano switch). This is most likely the reason why i haven't been able to take advantage of these velocity sensitive drum pads. No matter how soft or hard i strike the drum pads, it always outputs the same volume in FL STUDIO. I'm sure there is a way to get FL to recognize the velocity sensitivity from the drum pads, but i haven't figured it out.

- If your looking to play your drum pads/record at slow tempos this configuration is perfect for you. IF you want to pretend that your Travis Barker playing a really fast solo you will notice that FL STUDIO will not recognize most of the notes you hit. I'm not referring to LAG btw. I think this has to do with the sensitivity of the signal or something. I'm sure there is a way around this but i haven't figured it out.

- If you look at my RB4 drums, you will notice that the 3 cymbals have matching colors with 3 the drum pads (Yellow,Blue,Green). The cymbals connect via headphone jack (to corresponding colored jacks) in the back of the ps4 module control thing-a-ma-jig. Using Xpadder, you will notice that the cymbals share the same signal / button with their color corresponding drum pads. This also applies with the ps4 buttons (x,square,circle,triangle). It's not (easily) possible to assign every single pad and button on the drum pad independently from each other as most share the same note.

Ex: If you strike the YELLOW CYMBAL, xpadder will recognize it as the same button as the YELLOW DRUM PAD, and also as one of the PS4 Buttons. Same applies to the rest of the colors. This is annoying because physically there's 17 different buttons and pads to use on my drum pad (3 cymbals, 4 pads, 2 bass pedals, 4 ps4 buttons, & 4 directional buttons). However, using xpadder & fl studio you are limited to being able to assign only 10 buttons & pads (colored pads/cymbals/ps4 buttons count as only 4 assignable buttons), the 4 directional buttons(useless for live jamming), and the 2 bass pedals.

It's hard to explain so i'm sorry if i explained this situation longer than it needed to be.

Anyone out there? Please Help? All feedback, comments, questions & concerns are welcome. Thanks!


  • AFAIK, RB4 Drums are not velocity sensitive.
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    edited March 2017
    Moving this to LRMT because it really doesn't have anything to do with RBVR, and arguably not much with RB proper (hardware aside).

    Still, maybe Doc's would be the place to go to about this.
  • I use my PS3 drums with RB2MIDI ( and can use my cymbals.
    I tried the PS4 ones as soon as I got them to no luck. I tried everything to get the cymbals to register.
    It's so fun using the drums with Addictive Drums and recording yourself. :) I've made songs over time doing this, even though I'm terrible lol
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