U2 3d!

LZ_69LZ_69 Road Warrior
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Did any of you big city folk got to see this concert/movie??! I have to wait till Feb-15.:( Stupid local movie theater.

Needles to say that I will go see it regardless of good or bad comments, I'm just hopping to hear that it as good as imagine it to be and what songs can I expect to see them play.:cool:


  • topperharleytopperharley Son of Statler and Waldorf
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    That's three more dimensions than I want to experience U2 in... ;)
  • LZ_69LZ_69 Road Warrior
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    ^ Not a U2 fan I take it....that's cool!

    Com on guys! this " 3D movie concert" (I dont exactly know what you call it) opened January 25th, in select theaters sure but somebody had to go see it right? Or maybe everybody spent all their movie money watching Rambo and Meet the spartans! :D
  • TransbrakTransbrak Headliner
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    i cant take bono's ego in 1d it would suffocate me in 3d.
  • KishkumenKishkumen Unsigned
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    I've seen it... Twice. I live in Utah so the right after the original premier at Sundance they started showing it at a local IMAX theater. My wife won tickets to a pre-screening so we got to see it they day before public release. To sum it up, if you are a U2 fan this is a must see. I really think the only thing that could have been better is if you were with the crowd in the front row. The camera work was amazing, and the 3d was quite impressive if a little gimmicky at times. I'd have no problem seeing it again given the chance.
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