How do you activate pedals?

I see the 4 pedals on the floor. I'm walking over top of them, I've looked at them and highlighted them with my view, and then used the whammy bar which looks like it lights up, but I don't think it's doing anything. I've tried highlighting them and hitting every button on the guitar, it doesn't seem to make a difference?

I'm assuming that activating a pedal will give some sort of audible difference, I guess I just don't know how to activate them? Am I missing something? Has anyone figured this out? I fee like the whammy bar should have something to do with them, but like I said, I'm not hearing a difference or seeing any difference at all.


  • krectuskrectus Opening Act
    edited April 2017
    Yes it is done with the whammy bar, and yes you should hear an audible difference and the pedal you activate should stay highlighted once you whammy selected it. It is a bit tricky at first.
  • I wish, the pedals would be activate by constant looking, not whammy bar, because I always miss chords by fiddling with whammy bar.

    Just a thought.
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