Rock Band VR 1.01 Released, Includes 360 Support!

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HMXOwl said:

Hey everyone!

Rock Band VR has been out for just shy of TWO WEEKS already, and boy, does time fly. The team's been hard on work on a patch for the game, add a few things, fix a few others. Check out below what's new and improved(360 guitar controller support!), and enjoy!


Support for Wireless Xbox 360 Stratocaster Guitars.
Localized option now available for French, German, and Spanish.
Game now handles computer returning from Sleep-mode more gracefully.


Changing between sets of Frets now correctly count toward Chord Combos and Chord Follows.
Combos performed during Solo sections are registered for the 'Axe-plorer' and 'No Rock Unturned' Achievements.
Minor authoring adjustments for Silence sections in Won't Get Fooled Again, Solo sections in Hangar 18, and Riff sections in Man In The Box.
Player is now properly penalized for missed Chord Follow attempts in the first section of a song and during peak state.
Additional overdrive opportunities added to a small handful of songs.


Mix improvements in Iron Ore Haus, Human Outpost and The Heliograph venues.
Wes now has something to say after completing the “First Album Release” show.

Art & UI:

Derek's mom no longer comes to all of your non-Story shows.
Animation blending mitigated on a certain, unnamed crowd member.
Fixed cases where Band Hit and Perfect Section awards could collide with one another, if completed at the same time.
Combos Created 'Key Stat' now tracked properly across all songs in a set.
Strumming open chords now produce consistent visuals on Song Map.
Successful Band Hit visuals more accurately shown on Song Map when sustaining a chord shape.
Resolved issue where Alien Head and corresponding pedal would sometimes become sentient.


  • I updated the game and it still doesn't recognize my 360 Stratocaster.
  • Me too , ver1.01,but my 360 Stratocaster (wired) was not been supported……wireless only?
  • I would just like to add that my WIRED xbox 360 fender model #822152 works fine on Rock band VR. I only had to make the 3 holes slightly larger to make the adaptor fit the head.
    This post should be pinned near the top as no one will officially tell you this and was almost the difference between me getting the game or not.
    When using wired make sure your USB bus can handle the extra bandwidth as the HMD and sensors really take a toll on it, I have to launch the game in the 2D menu before putting on the headset as the right controller vibrates constantly until the game loads in the VR menu (so only plug it in when playing rockband VR and unplug and restart the Oculus app once done and to keep everything sweet).
  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act
    Will this game ever work on Vive in the future?
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith

    Will this game ever work on Vive in the future?

    Considering the game was funded on Oculus money, I'd sooner expect Nathan Drake to make his way to the Xbox.
  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act
    I just asked because how sweet would that be!?

    We just got the vive last friday (again) and it would be amazing to play Rock Band on it. As much as I clearly love Rock Band, I don't know if I want to fork over the cash for the Rift just to play it. I know there are other exclusives, but it's pretty intense having one VR system much less multiple.
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    @HMXOwl (or any RBVR developers)

    I love rhythm games, and just bought Rock Band VR. I'm using it with my Guitar Hero World Tour XBOX 360 controller, and it's mostly working fine, but the slider bar doesn't map to the upper frets (as it also hasn't in previous Rock Band games), is there any chance you guys could collaberate with some developers from Activision to make them fully compatible? Similarly, allowing us to calibrate the guitar position (as I have had to tape on my mount) using a second rift controller against the strum bar would be really handy. There is value in Harmonix trying to do this, as the more people with compatible controllers, the larger the potential market.

    On an unrelated note, I'm really hoping to get an update that adds crowds in classic mode, as the black void is really boring. Even if it has to be fewer crowd members or lower quality meshes, that's fine, I just don't feel like a rock start if there are no virtual groupees around me!

    Many thanks
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    I figured out how to do upper frets using a Guitar Hero World Tour controller if anyone is interested. It's not perfect though, so it would be nice if the devs could properly support the slide bar (I worked out the analog ranges, and that it gets mapped to the XInput left stick X axis, if it helps).
  • Why only guitar? What about drum support? VR sounds awesome but I won't buy it until the drums are included.
  • Why only guitar? What about drum support? VR sounds awesome but I won't buy it until the drums are included.

    It’s hard to explain if you haven’t played but it’s not a Rock Band game the way you’re used to. Drums won’t work well for VR, partly because you’re nigh-on guaranteed to break something expensive if you try to drum while wearing VR kit.
  • Just got Rock Band VR yesterday but the game will not connect with my wireless 360 guitars. Tried my wireless Stratocaster and the Beatles wireless Rickenbacker. They both sync with the Madcatz Rock Band adapter on my desktop but the game still wont recognize them. Haven't tried my Wooden Stratocaster yet. I don't think I have any wired guitars.
  • I think that adapter only works on the Xbox One; you'll probably need the Windows Wireless 360 adapter to get the 360 guitars to work.
  • ok I'll give that a try thanks! :)
  • Plus: If the guitar doesn‘t connect, get the Rockband vr screen in the foreground by clicking on it!
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