Windows 10 Creator Update fixed non-working XB1 guitar

I was tired of waiting on the devs to acknowledge the issue so kept trying fixes, this one finally worked -


  • krectuskrectus Opening Act
    awesome! Goddamn Windows, what a fickle annoyance. Hope you enjoy the game!
  • Totally fixed it for me too!! Finally able to play after 2 weeks. Hodup, thank you so much for figuring this out!!!
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    Sadly for me, not the case. I think 1.01 broke it for me (I was a little bit trapped in Persona 5 and Zelda--still am, honestly--and hadn't played RBVR since that first time), and Creators Update didn't change anything; the guitar is still marked as recognized in-game, but the virtual guitar doesn't react to my actual guitar input, and I cannot for the life of me press green to continue.
  • Good job Hodup, and you didn't even need that fancy "HMX" on your name to fix the issue.

    I wish I was daring enough to repurchase the game and see if the update fixes my issue, but Oculus was already on the fence about refunding my money the first go-round. Too bad they don't run the ship a bit more like Steam does.

    GJ Harmonix. Lost one for life.
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