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I just posted this on my gaming group I manage in my area. Just crazy to think about how far along Rock Band has come, and what I've put into it.

"With my ongoing participation in Crew mode for Rock Band Rivals I've been adding more songs than ever to my play list.
This weeks challenge sees Hall of Fame acts in the spotlight, making Hall & Oats 'You Make My Dreams' is song number 900 in my library!
There's tons of songs on my wishlist I want to later pick up to play, too. If anyone is out there still strumming, banging, or yodeling...err, crooning away hope you're having as much as I and my friends are!
Shout to 'names retracted just in case' for being part of my Crew!"

I'm sure there's plenty of people with massive collections out there, but cracking so many songs and the fact I'm still so invested in playing that I've continued to grow my library is exciting!

Hope everyone is enjoying the experience as much as I still am!


  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
  • Mine currently stands at 1734 songs with the goal of getting every song in the store eventually. Rock on!
  • PS4 = 2139 Songs.
    X-Bone = 2127 Songs.
  • TheStuddzTheStuddz Lil Rascal
    The Rock Band app says 2,358, but I'm not sure how accurate that is (and I don't feel like turning on my Xbox).
  • drumspleasedrumsplease Unsigned
    PS4 : 998
  • I'm still at 471 and have about 40-50 in my wishlist. You guys must have quite a branching musical taste (and here I thought I had a broad taste in music). Well, that and I only started last year or so lol also haven't searched for all my Spotify songs to see all the ones that are DLC (kind of a daunting task).

    Was very happy that I had 130+ songs that were part of this week's challenge, though. Lots of variety there!
  • BuRnBuRn Unsigned
  • Groudon199Groudon199 1 hour, 39 minutes, 52 seconds
    1504. Would be 1506 if online overplay didn't ruin "Almost Easy" and I liked "A-YO" even a little.
  • close to 2300

    Always fun when friends finally start asking for rock band parties instead of singstar :)
  • XzalorXzalor Rising Star
    About 1800
  • GameMaster439GameMaster439 Road Warrior
    1600-something I believe
  • SideshowNSideshowN Rising Star
    On XboxOne my setlist says 2323 which should be everything possible right now. PS4 may be a few songs more since I heard some people got the Electric Six pack.
  • Currently 1500~ Still missing some DLC not available in EU.
  • near to 1800 Ps4 (SIEA) still missing few songs (depeche mode, incubus) plus delisted and RBN
  • Around 2150 . I am missing lots of delisted stuff and with rbn I would be in the 4000s because I bought every single rbn song lol. There's stuff I could still buy in the rb store but I don't want it . Aka Most of Miley's pack lol
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    The Rock Band app says I own 631 songs. I keep forgetting to see what the number is in Rock Band 4 itself. I'm guessing somewhere around 1150.

    Is the app eventually going to show the right number, or have they announced officially that that feature isn't a priority and won't be adjusted in the future?
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    RB3=*blows dust off of 360* It's over 2,000 because iirc I had 300+ RBN songs. IDK :D and oops been buying song from RB3 in Rb4. Meh can't get calibration right in 3 now anyways :( .

    *edit. Now the App says 83 songs :D
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    Rock Band 4: 1272
    Rock Band 3: 1175 (including 46 from the RBN)
  • ZenzukiZenzuki Unsigned
    Rock Band 4: 2155
    Rock Band 3: 3043 (+800 RBN and RB4 delisteds,etc. that haven't made it over yet)
  • 2235 songs on XB1
  • saosao Opening Act
    With delisted/songs still being worked on to get over onto the PS4 I'm probably close to 725. I just can't buy a lot of stuff I am not into.
  • Rock Band 4 is my first Rockband/Guitar Hero game so I only could import Rock band 3 songs when I bought that as DLC. I bought a bunch a songs in addtion to that which sums it up to around the 300 something. Would happily buy all the old guitar hero and rock band games to import but sadly this isn't allowed anymore.
  • tilhaltertilhalter Unsigned
    2326 PS4. That's everything available on PS4 as far as I know. According to my spreadsheet I'm missing 71 delisted tracks.
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    I'm at 1501 now.
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    A.S.Roma said:

    near to 1800 Ps4 (SIEA) still missing few songs (depeche mode, incubus) plus delisted and RBN

    Depeche Mode and Incubus should be fixed right now on PS4 SIEA.
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