Got my PS4 whammy working

So like alot of people I was not able to get the whammy to work in rock band VR. I searched and searched the net here is my findings. It seems to be some sort of USB issue for me.

Repaired the guitar to Bluetooth multiple times
Tried many Bluetooth drivers, everything from standard windows to manufacturer's driver
Switched USB ports for bluetooth
Ran oculus and game in admin/not admin in multiple configs and tries
Reinstalled game from within oculus home and from desktop

In the end it was simple, after 10 straight hours, i unplugged my USB Logitech g910 Orion spark keyboard and everything started working, it is consistent ingame as well, plugging it back in while game is running breaks the whammy, but unplugging ingame will reactivate the whammy, consistent and repeatable.

Hopes this helps


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    Brilliant - this worked. I have a razer keyboard - but unplugged it and the whammy worked. Can finally play the game.
  • I'm happy for you guys - since RBVR is a blast of experience.

    However - it is very strange to get those issues nowadays.........
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