Five things YOU want for the hypothetical final RB4 update

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I have many small things I want added to RB4 such as PS4 real name support, removing vocals from the menu music, a hide song option in the RB4 store, more stages, camera angles & characters etc. The list is long, but most of them are pretty minor. Lets say Harmonix announce there is going to be one final update, what five things would you personally like added before the game is officially 'complete'?

Here's mine, in order of importance to me:

1: Fix stuttering on PS4

This is by far the most important issue that needs sorting as it directly affects gameplay. How an update that caused this was even allowed, and how it's remained for so long, is beyond me. If you fix one thing HMX, make it this.

2: Change the song rating method

I love being able to rate songs, it's such a great way to make your library exactly what you want it to be. However, there is a huge problem with how easy it is to rate songs by mistake. Scrolling through songs with the d-pad has a habit of changing the rating, particularly on the drum kit. This really messes the ratings up, and is even more problematic for casuals - see the amount of people asking 'where have my songs gone' online... it is always because of the above problem. I would suggest the rating method to be simply 'hold a button and press left or right' instead of just 'press left or right'. I think this is a big problem that needs sorting.

3: 'Play A Show' mode to honour song ratings

My favourite mode, but I don't pay it very much due to the amount of songs that are not to my taste coming up and the non-stop Green Day & AC/DC choices. I'd love it if the aforementioned ratings you gave songs were honoured here.

4: Online Matchmaking

I have no friends, no more explanation needed!

5: Option to randomise your band members

I get bored of seeing the same characters in my band, and don't have the time or enthusiasm to constantly create new ones. What I'd like is the option to randomise my other members so that every time I play they are different. Maybe it could be added in a way that you could include a 'randomise' option to the 'manage band' character selection screen. This would make things seem a little bit fresher each time you load the game up but I'd even like this to be expanded even more with an option for it to also randomise the clothing, there is so much in the game and to be honest 90% of it goes unseen when playing.

Over to you lot!


  • GraffinGraffin Rising Star
    I basically want it more RB3 like, but why would it be a "Final RB4 Update".... that'd be rather sad!

    1. Volume controls back on the controller so we can adjust all of the sound levels on the fly like it was in RB3. Having to pause the game, navigate to Instrument Options, then scrolling down to the volume option to adjust the slider is illogical and super disruptive to game play!

    2. Sort by date acquired. I want this section to work as it did in RB3, not just showing 10-20 songs as it does now.

    3. I haven't witnessed any stuttering, but I am noticing the audio dropping out for a fraction of a second quite frequently when playing lately (PS4 version). I think it's done this since the Rivals add-on, but it's become worse recently.

    4. Fix the in game music store, so it works like the RB3 store did. It showed songs and packs i'd purchased even though they were purchased on other accounts. The RB4 Store just doesn't work well at all. Not only does it allow you to purchase songs that don't even have PS4 versions available for them as yet, but if you buy the Pack, the songs contained within that pack should show as "Purchased", not show prices. Likewise, if you purchase all of the individual songs from a Pack separately, the Pack should show "Purchased" as well!

    5. Fix the song count glitch for those of us with more than 1200 songs. I think HMXowl said they would have to make it do the "Finding Downloaded Content..." process three times instead of just twice to avoid corrupting the save file. (PS4 version). Some of us have songs being re-added/re-counted each time we boot the game. For some strange reason it's re-counting songs we downloaded from the exports that we already had in our library and we can't use the game's Refresh Music Library option as it errors out at around 1184 songs (somewhere close to that number).

    And, if it includes songs (you never specified whether the final update was for features only)... i'd be quite happy to have a Bad Religion Pack with "American Jesus", a Live Pack with "The Beauty Of Gray" and a Dandy Warhols Pack with "Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth". I'd be happy just getting those three packs (or even just the songs I mentioned).
  • 1. PS4 stuttering
    2. Accidental 1 star ratings fixed by changing rating a song to a button rather than the dpad.
    3. Play a show to take into account ratings. I never play a show for this very reason though I love the show mode mechanics.
    4. Sorting by date acquired to be fixed/improved. This was perfect in RB3. RB4 was okay until Rivals came out, now it is less than ideal. I've also had to rebuild my library a couple times which made me lose everything in my Recently Acquired list which I basically used as a sort by date acquired for my recently purchased songs.
    5. PS4 stuttering again. Seriously. Fix this.
  • 1. Fix the stutter (Ps4)! Really need this, can't enjoy the game at all at the moment.

    2. A different calibration tool. Or some kind of in depth analysis after calibration or playing a song. I still miss notes every now and then and I really don't know why. Was I late? Was I early? Note not registered at all, or cross-talking maybe? It's hard to tell...

    3. Different Library layouts/views, allowing you to view favorite instrument scores on the fly.

    4. More sort options: Date acquired, song length.

    5. Did I mention fixing the stutter already? ;)
  • 1-Fix stuttering on Ps4
    2-Blitz mode
    3-fix calibration for local instruments (if i play drums and then guitar i need to recalibrate each time and vice versa)
    4-RB2 challenges
    5-online matchmaking
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    Lots of good ideas here.. My top 5 would probably include some from what has been posted.
    But what I want most is an update to freestyle solos, so that there is no lag and so that it sounds like it "fits" each song better (as has been described by those who have played RBVR).
  • @Graffin My newly acquired section has had 94 songs in it for months now and I'm pretty the total for newly acquired is more than 94 but I 1 lightered a few songs like the RB1 cover of Tom Sawyer.
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    Final? :o ....
  • djb5f1djb5f1 Unsigned
    Trophy/achievement for reaching Level 100 (similar to what it has for Level 50) so it feels like just jamming for fun is working your ways towards a goal.

    Bring back delisted songs, Don't Stop Believing, B.Y.O.B most notably, so we can play them again.

    Keep releasing new songs for foreseeable future. Have more sales on existing DLC.

    Better way to sort music catalog - not sure what exactly but feels cumbersome navigating.

    Why does my guitar Bluetooth cut out every 10-15 songs or so? Usually in song so I break a streak and then it cuts right back on and pauses. Faulty guitar? Need to re-sync the guitar Bluetooth somehow? Someone help please, lol.

    I moved recently but really no further distance from the PS4.
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith

    5. Level cap increased
    The level cap getting increased from 50 to 999 would add more purpose to playing RB4 even when there's not much new DLC coming out.

    You might not be my teammate anymore, but I don't doubt whatsoever that whenever that level cap is raised, you'll already have hit it.
  • The only thing I absolutely still need in the game is a separate singer stand-in for male and female singers

    RBN and Blitz mode would be pretty cool but very unlikely
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    As I posted in the Reddit twin.

    I don't play online, so that doesn't affect my priority items. I play on PS4 but I've only ever seen stuttering when multiple accounts are active on my PS4 at once, which is a small minority of my play time. So lonely.

    1. Make shows mode adhere to ratings (omit 1-rated, weight high-rated more frequent)

    2. Venue selection, including a dark/blank venue. I have a friend who would play except that a whole lot of strobing light can trigger seizures. Would like to be able to play toned-down.

    3. Character customization, particularly size/build and 'attitude'.

    4. Optional replacement stand-ins arrangement for different gender singer.

    5. Split harmonies tracks when playing only-harmonies. If you're breaking this game out for karaoke, and nobody's playing an instrument, no need to have the three vocal bars all overlapping while the whole bottom of screen is effectively unused. They could show three distinct, non-overlapping vocal parts - each vocalist could watch and clearly see the content only relevant to him/her.
  • tnevakertnevaker Road Warrior
    man, only 5? alright, i'll try:

    1) fix the floating calibration issues
    2) bring back the ability to go into practice mode on a song directly from the quickplay menu
    3) bring back post-song percentages for each song section
    4) song ratings apply to Shows mode as well as Quickplay, including 1-lighter songs never coming up in Shows mode
    5) Shows mode online + random matchmaking (sorry, had to put them together for the final slot)
  • LoopyChew said:

    5. Level cap increased
    The level cap getting increased from 50 to 999 would add more purpose to playing RB4 even when there's not much new DLC coming out.

    You might not be my teammate anymore, but I don't doubt whatsoever that whenever that level cap is raised, you'll already have hit it.
    Maybe however the new crew I joined just before the RBVR challenge reached Bloodstone with the British challenge. After that most of the crew (including me) have been playing RB4 less in favour of mixing it up with other games more. For me that's mostly 3DS/Wii U/Switch like Fire Emblem Fates, Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8.
  • Geez, enough with the doom and gloom already,

    I still want Candlemass, Witchfinder General and Electric Wizard.
  • Mikey35Mikey35 Rising Star
    1. Fix PS4 stutter
    2. Fix/improve calibration issue.
    3. Have an option to turn off background and only see note highway.
    4. Bring back all my RBN songs
    5. Be able to practice song sections directly from a song.Be able to quit and have in options go to practice mode and it will link to the section you paused on
  • ekffazrekffazr Unsigned
    we already got the final update
  • ekffazr said:

    we already got the final update

    ^Citation needed
  • ekffazrekffazr Unsigned

    ekffazr said:

    we already got the final update

    ^Citation needed
    sometimes things are best when completely unfounded and mere opinion when presented as fact without basis.

    or are they..................
  • JStryker47JStryker47 Opening Act
    1. A more in depth customization system like the previous games had, with pants and shoes as separate items, as well as glasses and hats being separate.

    2. Bring back some of the clothing items and instruments that were in the previous games too.

    3. Bring back cutscenes as well.

    4. Also the singer gender switch thing that RB3 had.

    5. And lastly, bring back the band logo creator. And if cutscenes are brought back, make one that will play when you finish making yours.
  • wh1t3kn1tewh1t3kn1te Opening Act
    there's really only two things I would like to see with the update,

    bass boost added

    change the singer depending on the song, (males sing with males and females with females)
  • 1. Fix the Stuttering PS4, has made me not want to buy DLC as of late.
    2. Local MP/Matchmaking Online
    3. Calibration Fixes
    4. Album Headers
    5. Level Cap Increase and some more trophies/achievements
  • 1. Being able to play all of the DLC I've bought (like promised)
    2. Make overdrive whammy unrelated to calibration
    3. Multiple local players being able to play online
    4. Online matchmaking
    5. PS4 stuttering
  • 1. Change the song rating method - not only fix the sensitive left/right rating, but also give us the option to rate songs at the end of the song. Previous games did this and it was a great way to rate songs as you play through an extended setlist. I won't remember 5 songs later how much I liked the drum chart on Bad Catholics for example :p

    2. 'Play A Show' mode to honor song ratings

    3. Level cap increased

    4. Let Twitch stream viewers vote on songs - I personally have 0 interest in this, but I think it's a great idea to engage people who want to watch others play Rock Band

    5. Announce this is the final update due to Rock Band 5 coming in the future B)
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