No Bass Drum Hits on Easy Difficulty

I found something rather peculiar. Pat Benatar's We Belong contains no bass drum hits on the easy difficulty. Has anyone seen that in other songs? Thus far, in my library of more than 500 songs, that is the only song that I have found that contains no bass drum hits on the easy difficulty. It also contains no cymbal hits except the crash to engage overdrive. But, that is less odd, as I have seen 2 other songs with only the overdrive crash for cymbal usage (namely Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's Rude Mood and Queen's We Will Rock You).


  • It's been a long time since I stopped playing Easy drums - that said, most of my friends play it when they come over (because they didn't have the time I had to practice it, lol) so I'll pay attention next time.

    Also, that song (We Belong) is awesome! One of my favorite purchases!
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    Per an old thread, specifically this post, these songs (plus Bad Catholics, mentioned further down that thread) have no kicks on Expert and thus no kicks on Easy.

    I looked at the Expert chart of We Belong, and yeah, this is one of those odd cases. I don't know what Easy looks like, but guidelines for easy drums are that you should be using either both hands, or one hand and your foot, during any given pattern whenever possible. Easy also has no bass drum hits paired with pad hits (at least after 2007). As such, the author may have wanted the player to focus on the hand pattern, as the appropriate Easy chart for this song with kick drums would just be kick, snare, kick, snare, ad infinitum. And that's just boring.

    And yeah, you'll more commonly see songs without cymbal hits if the drummer felt like going all-tom in the original performance.
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    I didn't know that there are so many songs in which the player doesn't use the bass drum. Master/Slave was quite a shocking find. I will have to look at that, as I think that is the only of those songs that I have in my library. Also, Seeing Heywood Banks was quite a shock. If I Had a Bulldozer is the only of his songs that I know and even it I have not listened to in a long time prior to listening to a snippet of it shortly before posting this. I have confirmed that the bass drum is not used in Master/Slave's main drumline. However, I did notice that, on difficulties higher than easy, the overdrive engagement notes are placed on top of bass drum hits. I didn't see it when I played the first time (on expert). But, I saw it when my father played afterward (also on expert).
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    Overdrive activation notes are artificial and generated by the game, not the chart author. Those are always kick/crash, but I think just hitting the crash should activate it without breaking combo. I could be wrong on that last part though.
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