What gameplay footage do we currently have?

I've seen the gameplay reveal exported to YouTube on 17th of March, and I'm curious if there is any more footage of gameplay of the game.

I know Harmonix have tweeted about an April 3rd livestream for DropMix, and again on the 10th (although later they tweeted that they rescheluded it) but cannot find any copy of either livestream on Twitch or YouTube. If anyone can help that would be much appreciated.


  • I saw a similar question on Reddit, so apologies if you've already seen this, but the April 3rd livestream wasn't archived (The stream died in the middle of it), and we didn't end up streaming last week. We're streaming tonight, though! 5pm ET at twitch.tv/harmonix.

    Going forward, we're going to be streaming every Monday from 5-6 (Only reason this week is Tuesday is because of yesterday's holiday).
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    Thanks for the streams of DropMix! Can't wait to see more!
  • Thanks, it was me on Reddit too. Watched the VOD of the stream, it was great! Can't wait for the release.
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